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At Extreme Pole Buildings, we create a custom Pole Barn in Drums, PA. Are you in need of a pole building that can help give your property a little extra space? We offer various pole barn styles, including garages, barns, sheds, and agricultural buildings. You can see some of the pole barns that we have completed and start to think about the design for your Pole Barn In Drums PA. If you need anything along the way, feel free to give us a call, or you can click the button below to fill out our free quote form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Types Of Pole Barns In Drums, PA

Pole Barn Builders Near Drums, PA

At Extreme Pole Buildings, we have certain things that shape the way that we do business. Our aim is to build each building knowing that we are;

  1. Extreme About FamilyThis is a business that has passed from father to son. We love that we get to work with people that we care about to build something that we care about!
  2. Extreme About Work Values – Doing things with excellence is truly the only way to do things. We want our work to reflect the highest standards that we set for ourselves.
  3. Extreme About Your Time – Since we work specifically on projects for people like you, we want to build in your time frame. We would love to talk about planning and when you want your project completed.
  4. Extreme Pole Barn Builders – We have built over 2,500 pole buildings in many different states. We use the word EXTREME because YOU deserve that level of detail, respect, and communication!

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