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Protecting vehicles and outdoor equipment from the elements is a full-time job. Thankfully, a quality pole building offers a full-time solution. We just happen to be the people that build them.

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EXTREME Pole Buildings & Pole Barns In PA, NJ, and MD

Over the last 19 years, we’ve built 2000+ pole buildings in PA, NJ, and MD. Our experience in the pole-building industry has given us some unique perspectives on the best way to store your stuff. Whether it’s a 2 car garage, an agricultural shed, a barndominium, or a commercial building, we can design and build your structure so that it lasts a lifetime.


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Pole Barns For Every Use

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Looking for some extra space for your vehicles? Check out our 2-car pole barn garage. Need even more space? We also have a 4-car garage option! From sedans to semis, we have pole building sizes for everyone!

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Need a place to store products for your business? Maybe you need a spot for all that new equipment. We can help design and build your new structure! We build pole buildings for commercial use in PA, MD, NJ, and beyond!

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Our pole structures are perfect for a wide variety of agricultural uses. Whether providing a home for your tractor or your horses, a pole barn is one of the most versatile and affordable structures you can choose!

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What Are Pole Buildings?

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Pole buildings are constructed using wooden posts to support the foundation and the framework of a building. A foundation is placed in the pole building post holes that are generally done with concrete. Here are a few methods to choose from.

Then the posts are added, and the interior structure, and finally the siding and roof types. When we finish building your pole barn, it may look just like any other building to you. The key difference is that for a normal house, the foundation carries the weight of the structure. On a pole structure, it is the posts.