EXTREME Pole Barn & Pole Building Questions

Do you have questions about our buildings or the process of getting a new pole barn on your property? You’ve come to the right place! From questions about the features of our pole buildings to information about financing, we have an answer for you. If you have a question that you can’t find an answer to here, feel free to contact us, and we’ll help you out!

Pole Building Questions

1. Will my pole building be built on a concrete base?

Not necessarily. This is the reason pole buildings are cheaper! The structure does not rest on a foundation as a house does. This design uses the poles to hold the weight of the building. The concrete base is placed to secure the poles better, and there are multiple methods for this. You can find out more about our building features, like pole barn siding and foundation, on our specifications page!

2. What are my foundation options?

We offer several different types of foundations for your pole building. This part of your building is super important to the overall durability of the entire structure. We provide you with the choices of a perma-column wet set foundation, perma-column concrete post, or a traditional concrete pad. Your choice of foundation depends on the size of your building and what you’ll use it for. 

3. What are the common sizes of pole barns?

One of the most common pole barn sizes is 30×40. Pole buildings come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose exactly the dimensions you need. We build all sizes of pole barns and would love to work with you to find the perfect size of pole barn for your needs!

4. Do I need a permit to build a garage or pole building on my property?

It is important to look into whether a permit is required before starting on your pole building. You can check with your township or county on any size and height restrictions, among other information. We can help provide you with a layout for your building, so you know exactly the dimensions to ask about!

5. How long will construction take for my pole building?

Construction times vary based on the size of your building. Here are the standard construction times we like to aim for, depending on their size. Keep in mind that these times are estimates and may change with the requirements of a specific project. Our aim is to finish your pole building as fast and as best as we can!

6. Do you offer any type of financing for your pole barns?

We have partnered with LightStream to help you finance your pole barn today! You can find out more about our pole barn financing on our page dedicated to it, or you can contact us with any additional questions!

7. What states do you build pole barns in?

We typically work within a 3-hour drive of Lancaster, PA. We’ve built most of our pole buildings in PA, NJ, and MD. Check out our recent projects to see some of the projects we’ve built in different locations!

8. What roof types are available for my pole building?

We offer gable or gambrel roofs for our pole buildings. On our smaller pole sheds, you can also choose a flat shed roof. We want you to be able to choose the roof that fits your needs and finish your new building with the look you want!

If we didn’t cover your question here, please contact us so that you can be best informed when making your decisions!


I have used their services twice and have been happy with what was done both times.

Positive: Quality
Paul Styer

I Recommend Them

Extreme Pole Buildings were excellent to work with from start to finish! The project turned out excellent. I recommend them and would definitely be a repeat customer.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Frank Cummins

Excellent Communication

John and his team at Extreme Pole Buildings are amazing! John’s excellent communication set him apart from everyone else. The work quality was exceptional! Highly recommend John and his team!!
Eric Brady

Outstanding Job

John and his team did an outstanding job in the design and construction of my building.
The design process helped me to get the exact building I wanted; the price was extremely competitive, and the construction process was amazingly fast.
Friends stopping by tell me how beautiful this building is. It exceeded all my expectations.

Peter Shimkus

Extremely Happy

Extremely happy with our build. John and his guys did fantastic on it. Thanks again

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Christina Beer

The Entire Process Was Easy and Smooth

Great communication, and the entire process was easy and smooth. The building turned out exactly how I was expecting, with exceptional quality and the best price as well. I’d certainly recommend these folks!

Zach Grasse

Excellent Build

John and his team were excellent! The team did an amazing job setting up, building, and cleaning up. From planning to the finishing touches, John and his team made building my 40x 60 pole barn easy and simple.

James Mayfield

Very talented

They are very talented and tackled my project with ease. They were very efficient with their time and professional the full duration of the project. I am very happy that I had Extreme Pole Building construct my shop for me.
Zachary Morgan