Extreme Pole Barn Siding and Specs

Giving you the customized pole building that you dream up is a huge part of our job. We want you to be totally satisfied with your new building, and we love it when we are able to help you achieve your vision! The pole barn siding, roof, foundation, and size are four different ways that you can customize your pole barn and make it your own. Check out our options for each of these features!

Pole Barn Siding and Specs
Quality Pole Barn Siding

Our Pole Barn Siding Options

We use steel siding on all of our custom pole barns. This standard pole barn siding comes in 28 gauge panels. It is easy to install and easy to replace to cut down on cost! You can choose the color of siding that you want to fit the rest of your property. 

Need help choosing your pole barn siding or have some more questions? Contact us, and we’d love to help you find what you need to finish your pole building. If you know exactly what you want, request a free quote to find out the cost of your pole barn!

Pole Barn Roof Options

The roof of your pole barn lets you customize your building. Your choice should depend on the size of the pole barn you are building and what you will use it for. We offer three different roof options for you to choose from!

Pole Barn Siding and Roof Options
pole barn siding and gambrel roof

Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof gives your pole barn an iconic barn-style finish. This roof also gives extra headroom where you can add a loft.

pole barn siding and gable roof

Gable Roof

This roof is the one you should use if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow. A gable roof also allows for easy insulation and ventilation. 

pole barn siding and flat roof

Shed Roof

A shed roof consists of a single plane. This roof should only be used for small barns. If you are building a small pole barn shed, this roof is the one for you!

Pole Barn Siding and foundation

Pole Barn Foundation and Footer Options

When you’re getting a new pole barn, you’ll need a footer. No matter the size or style of pole building, you’ll need a footer that is around 18 inches in diameter and placed around 2 feet deep. For your pole barn foundation, you have several options to choose from. 

Extreme Pole barn siding and foundations

Perma-Column Wet Set

The Perma-Column uses more concrete and keeps the wood posts of the building out of the ground. This foundation option helps keep your building poles in better condition. 

Foundations and Pole Barn Siding

Perma-Column Concrete Post

This foundation option provides increased strength for your building. Perma-Column Concrete Posts also keep the wood posts from making contact with the ground. 

Pole Barn Siding and Foundation Options

Traditional Treated on Concrete Pad

This foundation option is the least expensive. The ability to use this foundation depends on the condition of the ground where you want to build.

Extreme Pole Barn Size Options

Choosing the right size of pole barn is an important step in the design process. We build our pole barns in custom sizes, so you get exactly what you need! We’ve developed resources to help you find the right size for your uses. 

Small Pole Barn Size Options

Pole Barn Siding for Small Buildings

Ranging from 12×12 up to 30×36, small pole barns are generally used as backyard sheds. These pole barn sheds are a notch above prefab sheds and offer a more reliable and long-lasting storage solution for your backyard. 

Medium Pole Barn Options

Pole Barn Siding for Medium Buildings

Medium pole barns range from 30×40 pole barns to 40×60 pole barns. These pole barns are great for a backyard storage option or for a place to store your vehicles. You can also customize these buildings for your business.  

Large Pole Barn Size Options

Pole Barn Siding for Large Buildings

Large pole barns are great choices for large equipment storage, aircraft hangars, commercial use, and more. These pole barns range in size from 40×80 pole barns all the way up to 80×200 pole barns.