Pole Barn Siding + Specs To The EXTREME

Giving you the customized pole building that you want is a part of the job. We want you to be thrilled with your new project. That is why we love it when you help us achieve your vision. Here are a few specifications on things like pole barn siding, size, roof type, and more! These options are a part of what makes up a pole building.

pole building construction process

Our Pole Barn Siding Option

We use steel siding on all of our custom pole barns. This standard pole barn siding comes in 28 gauge panels. It is easy to install and easy to replace to cut down on cost!

Need help choosing your pole barn siding or pole barn roof? That is why we are here! At any time in the process, let us know if you have questions.

Keep in mind that even with a small pole building a footer will be around 18 inches in diameter and be placed around 2 ft deep.

Permacolumn Wet Set – More concrete poured and keeps the wood out of the ground

Permacolumn Concrete Post – Increased strength but without wood to ground contact

Traditional Treated on Concrete Pad – Most inexpensive, depends on ground conditions

pole building roof options

3 Pole Barn Roof Options

One of the options you are going to choose when designing your new pole barn is the roof style. There are three major types of roofs that you will be able to choose from. 

Gambrel Roof – This type of pole barn roof provides a beautiful exterior appearance while also giving more headroom on the inside.

Shed Roof – This is a single plane pole barn roof mainly reserved for smaller pole barns. It’s a simple roof for a simple shed!

Gable Roof – This pole barn roof is superb for making sure snow weight does not stay on it. It also allows for easy insulation and ventilation!

What Size Pole Building Is Right For Me?

Depending on what you are looking to use your brand new pole barn for, here are a few sizes to get you started.

Pole Barn Shed Standard Sizes

24’ x 24’ Pole Barn

30’ x 40’ Pole Barn

40’ x 60’ x Pole Barn

Pole Barn Garage Standard Sizes

24’ x 30’ Pole Garage

30’ x 40’ Pole Garage

40’ x 60’ Pole Garage

Commercial Standard Sizes

This one is completely up to you! What are you storing? How are you using it? We would love to help you find the best size.

Agricultural Standard Sizes

30’ x 36’ x 16’ is a good place to start. Contact us if you have your building already measured out!

For a few more sizes, check out these examples!