Are Barndominiums Here To Stay? Helpful Buying Guide

Are Barndominiums Here to Stay

What has walls, a floor, a roof, is less expensive than a traditional house, and is all the rage right now? (hint: it’s the title of this article). Barndominiums! We cannot wait to show you the structure that has been taking the world by storm. Here are some commonly asked questions when it comes to barndominiums.

What Is A Barndominium?

Why Barndominiums

A barndominium is a type of pole barn that has been completely outfitted to be liveable. A pole barn or pole building is a structure that features metal sides and an open interior. Barndominiums are the same! They are a type of house that incorporates the style and pricing of pole barns with the functionality of a home!

What’s The Difference Between A Barndominium And A House?

Barndominium vs House
House vs Barndominium

A house is generally made from brick or wood and has a deep and solid foundation. Barndominiums are made of metal and don’t require foundations. There are also different rules and regulations when building a house as opposed to a barndominium.

Check your local area housing authority for more information. 

Are Barndominiums Cheaper Than Homes?

Are Barndominiums Cheap

The short answer is yes! Barndominiums have a cost range of $100-$120 per square foot, whereas traditional homes have an average cost of $170 per square foot. The price point for barndominiums includes flooring, lighting, insulation, and paint. Any big additions beyond that will cost more, just like a house. If you are looking for more detail around the cost of barndominiums / pole barn houses, check out our article.

What Are The Pros To A Barndominium?

Pros of Barndominiums
  • Simple Construction
  • Less Expensive Than Traditional House
  • Fire Resistant
  • Large # Of Interior Options
  • Quick Build Time

Barndos are sought after for their ease, space, and affordability.

What Are The Cons To A Barndominium?

Cons of Barndominiums
  • Property Area
  • Open Space

While you can incorporate walls and different things to help fill the large indoor space, a barndo can feel empty and too open on the inside. Depending on the size of your structure, you also may need more land purchased than a traditional house if you still want to have a yard. While the barndominium pros and cons list may convince some, others just want to know about our next question in more detail.

Why Is A Barndominium Cheaper To Build?

What is a Barndominium

Simple. Metal is cheaper than wood, brick, or stone. And you save money on labor and foundation costs since the building can be erected quickly.

Are Barndominiums Safe?

Are Barndominiums Safe

Absolutely! Barndominiums are automatically more resistant to fire because of the metal siding. Because of the materials and the way it is constructed, barndos also stand stronger than traditional homes in harsh and severe weather. 

It’s the metal framing that allows for a stronger structure. Since barndo popularity seemed to rise out of southern states, there is also the question of safety during a tornado. Steel buildings can withstand winds of approximately 160-180mph. If you find yourself in higher winds than that, you may be in rough shape no matter the type of house you have.

Barndos are also safe when it comes to water. Many don’t have basements so flooding is very unlikely. Metal sheeting does not hold water, mold, or warp under weather circumstances. In more ways than one, barndominiums are actually safer than traditional housing.

What Is A Good Size For A Barndominium?

Barndominium Sizes

A good size for a barndominium is 40×60. This allows for ample space with 2,400 square feet. You can have multiple bedrooms, a garage, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and bathrooms all spaced out nicely in a space like this. 

The smaller size barndos generally stay around 20×30. And the large barndos can reach sizes of 80×100. What could you do with 8,000 square feet?

You can design your barndo to be any size so that it can perfectly fit the picture of what you want your home to be!

Can A Barndominium Have A Basement?

Barndominium Basements

Surprisingly yes, a barndominium can have a basement. This is not, however, a common choice when building a barndo. These structures are famously large and affordable. That thought process starts going downhill when you add in a basement.

Now, foundational costs will increase with the levels of the home. Labor will also increase because it is going to take longer to excavate a basement than put down a simple concrete slab. 

Basements are safer in severe weather conditions…but as we have already stated, barndos are safe themselves. While the option may be there to add on a basement, it might be pertinent to weigh the pros and cons before choosing to add a lower level to your barndo.

Energy Efficiency With Barndominiums

Barndominiums Energy Efficiency

Metal is very resilient and energy-efficient to the point that it will decrease the need for heat/AC more than a standard home. When building a barndo for a residence, energy-efficient windows and doors will be added to your new home. This will continue to increase your energy savings.

Finally, when you finish the interior of your barndominium, insulation will be added just like any other building. The most common insulation found in barndos is a spray. Once the walls, insulation, energy-efficient doors and windows, and metal structure are up…your climate will be yours to control. 

All of these things will provide ample energy savings.

Barndominium Interior Styles

Here are a few barndo interior ideas & styles to help get your creativity flowing as you begin to think about the inside of your new home.

Modern Barndominium

Modern Barndominiums

The modern barndominium is an enigma. What makes something modern? Keeping up with the trends and fashion of that day and age. Modern barndos will often reflect technology and rare finds. Things featured in your modern barndo are very unlikely to be featured in a friend’s home.

Minimalist Barndominium

Minimalist Barndominiums

The minimalist barndominium chooses space over stuff. There is just enough in this “house” to make it feel like a home. Simple, and clean-cut furniture and decor are very common. Color schemes also favor the traditional and opposite sides of the spectrum. (ie: no yellows, reds, or blues).

Rustic Barndominium

Rustic Barndominiums

The rustic barndominium includes metal on the inside as well as on the outside. Whether incorporated in the decor, railings/stairs, or additional framework…this barndo can feel very “steampunk.”

The other side of rustic includes things you would find in a home during the 1950s-1960s. Decor could include record players, radios, wood accents, and handmade furniture.

Farmhouse Barndominium

Farmhouse Barndominiums

The farmhouse barndo is an iconic family-style building. From the farmhouse table to the kitchen big enough to hold 15 people…this barndominium was designed to feel like a country home. Wood furniture will accent the inside of the metal building. 

The warm and muted colors will invite anyone to feel like grabbing a glass of iced tea. 

Barndominiums Conclusion


Barndominiums seem like they are here to stay. From the open spaces and size of the structures to the price and ease of building them…it’s almost a no-brainer. The only downside is if the style doesn’t suit you or if your property isn’t able to hold one. These barndos came out of nowhere and now are one of the most popular ways to build a home. 

Are you convinced? If you are ready to start planning your own barndominium, we are here to help! Tell us your dreams and hopes for your new home, and we will do everything we can to make it happen. We offer you different pole barn styles so you can find the right fit for your family!

Reach out to us anytime for a quote and to get the conversation started.