Pole Barn House Cost Breakdown

Pole Barn House

As you begin looking into owning a pole barn house, the price will most likely be at the top of your list of things to look at. At this point, you have probably heard that pole barn houses are less expensive than traditional homes. While this is true, there are exceptions to every rule. Pole barn house costs can be attributed to a few factors when building your home. Let’s start with some terms we are going to throw around interchangeably in this article. 

  • Pole Barn House
  • Barndominium 
  • Pole Building Home
  • Post Frame House

While some contractors or architects can point out very subtle differences between these terms, the truth is that they are going to be realistically the same. We are going to use these terms and more as we dive into the cost of pole barn homes. 

What Is The Cost To Build A Pole Barn House?

pole barn house cost

The average national cost to build a completely finished pole barn house is $245,000. This is the average cost when you start from nothing and do everything to make a liveable pole barn home, but it does not include land costs or extra additions you may specifically want. You may see sites that quote a range from $2k-$100k, but those sites do not distinguish pole barns from pole barn houses. While a pole barn costs around $15,000, pole barn homes are much more expensive because they require much more work. Let’s break it down by state. 

State:Average Cost:
New Jersey$250,000

*Keep in mind the fluctuation of materials and their costs. These numbers are estimates from 2022. The price of the land does not count. 

Pole Barn Home Land Cost

Now that you know the average cost of a pole barn home, let’s take a look at the land you are going to put it on. Even though a fully finished pole barn home costs around the above amounts, we still need land to put our structure on. The average cost of 1 acre of residential land in the U.S. is $110,000. 

State:Average Cost (1 Acre):
New Jersey$115,000

To take PA as an example…the average cost of a pole barn home in PA would be approximately $230,000 in total (pole barn + land).

Pole Barn House Cost Per Square Foot

Pole Barn House Cost Per Square Foot

The average cost of a pole barn house is $120 per square foot. This is the average for the U.S. and may differ depending on your area. Let’s break the cost down even further by looking at pole barn house sizes. 

Pole Barn House Cost By Size

Pole Barn House Cost by Size
  • Small Pole Barn Homes: We are categorizing these homes in the 1,200-square-foot range.
    • 30×40: The average cost of a 30×40 pole barn house is $144,000.
    • 30×50: The average cost of a 30×50 pole barn house is $180,000.
  • Medium Pole Barn Homes: We categorize these homes in the 2,400-square-foot range.
    • 40×60: The average cost of a 40×60 pole barn house is $288,000
  • Large Pole Barn Homes: These are anything larger than the previous sizes.
    • 40×80: The average cost of a 40×80 pole barn house is $384,000
    • 80×100: The average cost of an 80×100 pole barn house is $960,000

Remember that these price sizes are also based on other elements in pole barn homes. 

Ex: An 8,000 square-foot pole barn home is going to use more materials, have more inner walls, more insulation, a bigger site, etc. 

Can You Turn A Pole Barn Into A House?

turning a pole barn into a pole barn house

Yes! However, it is usually better to start from scratch. You will spend around the same amount of money converting an already-built pole barn into a home because a home needs extra/different elements. If you like specific pole barn styles, we recommend showing them to your builder to copy or take a few pieces from the pole barn and use them in your new pole barn house. 

Pole Barn House Pricing Breakdown

Pole Barn House Pricing Breakdown

When it comes to the cost of your pole barn, here are some of the costs broken down into the different sections of what it takes to build it. Check out our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing.

Site Preparation/FoundationA pole barn foundation is traditionally a concrete slab. Depending on your area, these foundations generally cost $10 per square foot.
ShellDepending on your design, a pole barn framing shell can cost anywhere from $15,000 – $30,000.
Metal SidingThe metal siding of your pole barn will run approximately $4-$5 per square foot. 
InsulationInsulation will generally stay between the range of $1,700 – $3,500
Doors + WindowsAgain, this will depend on how many and what style you want. Plan on spending $2,500 – $5,500 for doors and windows. If you want garage doors, it will be on the upper side of this range.
HVACThese systems can vary in price, but an average system will cost $10,000
PlumbingThe first question we need to ask for plumbing is, “Are you building onto a location where there is a line?”. If not, it will cost more. We would recommend planning $5-$6 per square foot for plumbing and fixtures.
SepticThe average cost for a septic tank installation is around $6,000.
ElectricityThis may be the toughest one to determine without knowing the details of your building. We recommend planning for $20,000 for all electrical work and pieces.
Interior Additions(Cupboards, Drywall, Painting, Counters, etc) – Depending on the size and style of your pole barn house, plan on spending $4 per square foot to add your interior options. 
AppliancesFor the major appliances, from a refrigerator to a washer and dryer, you can estimate spending $3,500 to $4,500. This doesn’t include TVs or personal electronics. 
PermitsUsing PA as an example, a new pole barn permit would run around $1,500.

*These are all rough estimates that do not include labor. Make sure you talk with your pole barn contractor about pricing before moving forward! 

Pole Barn House With Basement Cost

Pole Barn House With Basement

You can add a basement to your pole barn (it’s not exactly recommended). A pole barn house with a basement will cost $25,000-$40,000. 

Pole Barn House With Garage Cost

Pole Barn House With Garage

A garage is a very common element that is attached to a pole barn house. If your garage space is already figured into your pole barn square footage, it won’t be much cost. However, if you are adding another 400-600 square feet of space to your pole barn, plan on an additional cost of $40,000 when it is all said and done.

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Pole Barn House?

Pole Barn House Life Expectancy

A pole barn house can often outlast the traditional home. The life expectancy without any updating or renovations is 65 years. 

Pole Barn House Cost Estimator

Take a look at the chart below to see the average costs per size of pole barn homes!

pole barn cost estimator chart

Interior Pole Barn Home Styles

Pole Barn House Interior

If you are interested in seeing some of the interior options of your new pole barn house, check out our barndominium article

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