Pole Barn Pavilions

Pole Barn Pavilions Sizes

Pole barn pavilions are an excellent low-cost way to create a space to gather outdoors. Traditional pole barns are less expensive than brick-and-mortar buildings, so that will also apply to pole barn pavilions.

What Is A Pole Barn Pavilion?

Custom Pole Barn Pavilions

A pole barn pavilion is a metal roofed structure that uses poles to support the roof’s weight. This is called pole barn framing. These pavilions do not generally have siding because they are designed to be open to the environment. Pole barn pavilions come at a fraction of the cost of pole buildings because they use fewer resources. 

Pole Barn Pavilion Cost

The cost of pole barn pavilions ranges from $20-$35 per square foot, depending on what you want to add. The more in-depth a structure you want, the higher the cost may be. This is also true if you want a pad to be put down as well. 

Pole Barn Pavilion Sizes

Pole Barn Pavilions in PA NJ and MD

These are the most common pole barn pavilion sizes. 

  • 10×14 Pole Barn Pavilion
  • 12×12 Pole Barn Pavilion
  • 12×20 Pole Barn Pavilion
  • 20×40 Pole Barn Pavilion
  • 40×40 Pole Barn Pavilion
  • 30×60 Pole Barn Pavilion

Open Pole Barn Pavilions

Pole Barn Pavilions

Open pole barn pavilions are the traditional style of these buildings. These pavilions only have the roof, the posts, and nothing else. While you can get the siding on a pole barn pavilion, that tends to make it more of a pole barn instead of a pole pavilion. 

However, there are some reasons to get one or two sides on a pole barn pavilion. If you are placing your pole pavilion at the edge of a property, or the area on one side is not open space, you may want to have a permanent side put on your pavilion. It would still get light and air but will restrict any eye sores or looking into neighboring homes.

Pole Barn Pavilion With Storage

Custom Pole Barn Pavilions in PA NJ and MD

If you are using your pole barn pavilion for parties, weddings, or other social events…you may need some storage space to accompany your structure. This is possible from a pole barn contractor! There are multiple ways of getting the storage you need; here are a few of our favorites. 

  • Pole Shed – A pole shed is a small “pole barn” that can easily sit behind your pavilion. This would let you store chairs, tables, and other things inside that you could use in your pole barn pavilion! Not to mention, it is on the same level, so there is no carrying items downstairs or down ladders. 
  • Sectioned Off Compartment – A sectioned-off part of your pole barn pavilion can also get the job of storage done. While this takes up a little real estate of your pavilion, you can still have a large amount of room while having a closed-off storage section under the same roof. 
  • Loft – The third option for storage is adding a loft to your pole pavilion. This can create an attic-like space above your guests that they won’t ever see if you have it created to be out of sight. The only issue with this method is getting everything up and down every time you need something. 

Pole Barn Pavilion Build

We would be happy to build a pole barn pavilion for you! e have constructed over 3,000 pole buildings to date! That being said, pole barn pavilions are less intense and more timely to build. If you are wondering what the finished product could look like, check out this video! 

Pole Barn Pavilion Uses

Pole Barn Pavilions for Vehicles

Here are some of the most common uses for pole barn pavilions.

  • Pole Barn Pavilion Carports – Pole barn pavilions can easily be used as a carports because of their open design. This structure is a very reliable and durable way to protect your vehicles from the elements. 
  • Pole Barn Pavilion Entrance Ways – Another nontraditional use for a pole barn pavilion is to create an entrance to a home or other public space. Pole barn pavilions can make it seem like you are arriving at the Ritz with the level of welcome they give. 
  • Pole Barn Pavilion For Homes – A pole pavilion can be used as a gathering space in the yard of any home with the property room!  f you have a detached garage, it can be tough to get from your car to your house in the winter. A pole barn pavilion can offer a solution that is not expensive! A pole barn pavilion can also be used as a bridge between your garage and your home.
  • Pole Barn Pavilion For Public Spaces – A pole pavilion is perfect for public spaces. You can have tables and chairs for eating at a party. You could have a pole barn pavilion constructed as a spot to allow everyone to escape the rain! It could also be rented out for special events!
  • Pole Barn Pavilion For Fishing – A fun way to use a pole barn pavilion is on a dock or by a lake. You can sit underneath this structure, which shelters you from the sun, and spend the day fishing or relaxing by the water. 

Pole Barn Pavilion Mistakes

Pole Barn Pavilions for Your Backyard

One of the things to be aware of if you don’t want to add a “ceiling panel” on the inside of your pole barn pavilion is wind. If you have a “shell pavilion,” wind can really put some wear and give your pavilion a run for its money. 

Imagine a large tent being picked up and thrown by the wind. Now, this wouldn’t be the same as what would happen with a durable pole barn pavilion, but it gives you an idea of the strain it could put on your structure.

Pole Barn Pavilions In PA

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At Extreme Pole Buildings, we love creating special and beautiful spaces for our customers. We would love to hear from you if you are looking for a pole barn pavilion in PA, MD, or NJ. Check out our gallery page to see some of the work we have done with different pole barn styles! And if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us! 

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