30×60 Pole Barns

30x60 Pole Barn

Best Uses of 30×60 Pole Barns

If you’re in search of a flexible structure that can be custom-built to suit a variety of purposes, a 30×60 pole barn is the perfect choice! Pole buildings have become increasingly popular due to their quick construction process and durable construction. Not only do they offer durability and dependability, but they can also serve a wide range of both commercial and residential purposes. Check out some of our ideas for using your pole building, and think of some of your own! You can also look at our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing.

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30×60 Pole Barns for Livestock

30x60 Pole Barn for Livestock

Pole barns are typically associated with farm settings for good reason! They provide a safe and protected haven for your animals. Within your 30×60 pole barn for livestock, you can incorporate stalls of varying sizes to provide individual spaces for your livestock. Our barns are crafted using high-grade materials, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of your animals, regardless of the weather conditions. You can even have enough space for a tack and supply room!

30×60 Pole Barns for Storage

30x60 Pole Barn for Storage

Are you in need of a practical storage solution to add to your property? A 30×60 pole barn garage offers generous storage capacity for items of all sizes! By installing sturdy commercial shelves, you can securely store large items in an organized way. Whether you need storage space for your business, your aircraft, or your seasonal items, this size pole barn will give you what you need! Trust the sturdy construction of pole barns to protect your valuables.

30×60 Pole Barns for a Mechanic Shop

30x60 Pole Barn for Mechanic Shop

Whether car maintenance is your passion or your profession, owning your own workshop significantly improves the efficiency of your work. A dedicated space allows you to arrange and organize your tools and parts to your liking. Customize your 30×60 pole garage with a lift, quality shelving, and an office area, ensuring you have all the essentials for operating a smooth and productive mechanic business and giving you more time for what you love!

30×60 Pole Barns for a Pickleball Court

30x60 Pole Barn for Pickleball

Pickleball is quickly sweeping the world and making quite a name for itself. Stay current with the trend with your own space to practice and play in any weather! A 30×60 commercial pole barn gives the perfect amount of space for an indoor court. The standard pickleball court is 20×44 feet, but it is recommended to have at least a 30×60 space to allow for room on the sides of the court. Get prepared to take on your opponents with your own practicing space!

30×60 Pole Barn for an Arcade

30x60 Pole Barn for Arcade

Whether you want to create an arcade space where your kids can hang out and make memories with their friends, or if you are a child at heart, a commercial pole barn arcade is an excellent addition to any property. Add all the old classic arcade games or go a modern route with current gaming fads. However you decide to outfit it, your 30×60 pole barn arcade is sure to be the favorite spot on your property for your family and friends!

30×60 Pole Barn for a Pool House

30x60 Pole Barn for Pole House

A 30×60 pole barn garage makes a perfect large pool house! This spacious building gives you ample room for creating a next-level pool house. Outfit the building with a snack and drink bar to give a place to cool off in the summer. Your pole barn pole house can also be equipped with a showering and changing space to save you from water tracked into the house. The extra space can be used for storage for pool supplies and more!

Our Extreme Pole Barn Features

Extreme Pole Buildings prioritizes your satisfaction with the construction of your new pole barn. Our dedication is evident in the use of premium materials to create durable structures. While we customize each pole barn to your design, there are several essential features that form the foundation of the construction process.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

30×60 Pole Barn Siding

The exterior of our 30×60 pole barns is clad in durable steel siding, providing a sturdy and enduring finish. The use of our standard 28-gauge steel panels ensures a swift and hassle-free installation. In the event of damage, these steel panels can be effortlessly replaced, offering a cost-effective solution that reduces replacement time.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Foundation

Pole Barn Foundation

The foundation of your 30×60 pole barn is a pivotal aspect for ensuring a top-notch structure. We offer a variety of options for your building’s foundation, including the permacolumn wet set, permacolumn concrete post, or a concrete pad. The decision is entirely up to you, enabling you to choose the one that aligns best with your property.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

Roof Options for Your 30×60 Pole Barn

The roof of your pole barn holds importance in terms of both appearance and functionality. You have the flexibility to choose between a classic gable roof, an iconic gambrel roof, or a flat roof for smaller pole barns. The roof of your 30×60 pole barn allows you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your structure!

Not sure exactly how you want your 30×60 pole barn to be finished? We’d love to help you design the pole barn of your dreams! We’d love to hear what you want to use your pole barn for and the exact size that you want. Contact us or request a quote today to get started!

Other Pole Barn Sizes

Are you in search of a different size for your pole building? Whether you’re interested in a smaller or larger pole barn, Extreme Pole Buildings offers the flexibility to customize the size and design of your structure. Opt for a larger building to ensure ample space for storage or workspace. Reach out to us today to start designing your own pole building! 

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