38×60 Pole Barns

38x60 Pole Barns in NJ MD and PA

Best Uses of 38×60 Pole Barns

Are you looking for a new building to add to your property to give you space for storage or some other use? Our 38×60 pole barns are a great choice for you! Over the years, we’ve built lots of pole barns in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. We believe in building top-quality pole barns efficiently and quickly to give you the best experience possible. 

38×60 Pole Barn Garages

Garage 38x60 Pole Barns in NJ MD and PA

A 38×60 pole barn garage offers an ideal solution for safeguarding your family’s vehicles. This spacious garage can accommodate at least three cars comfortably, leaving room for storing essential tools and vehicle maintenance supplies. Tailor your pole barn garage to your needs by incorporating sizable garage doors for convenient and secure parking. Additionally, consider adding a loft area above the vehicle storage space, providing a versatile spot that can be transformed into a personalized retreat like a man cave or game room.

38×60 Pole Barns for Livestock

38x60 Pole Barns for Livestock in NJ MD and PA

For those tending to horses or cows on a small farmette, a 38×60 pole barn for livestock is essential. Providing a secure haven, a pole barn offers shelter from the elements, ensuring your animals have shelter from sun and rain. Moreover, this structure serves as a convenient storage space for feed, tack, and various supplies. Elevate the appeal of your property with a customized 38×60 pole building featuring a gambrel roof, evoking the timeless charm of a traditional farm setting.

38×60 Commercial Pole Barns

38x60 Pole Barns for Commerica Use in NJ MD and PA

Customize a 38×60 pole building to suit your small business needs seamlessly. Whether you’re venturing into retail or requiring office space for your construction enterprise, this dimension is an ideal fit. Customize your commercial pole barn by incorporating separate rooms for offices or breakrooms. Enhance functionality by adding a loft area, providing dedicated storage space distinct from the main area. Opt for a pole barn to kickstart your new business venture with confidence!

38×60 Pole Barn for Storage

38x60 Pole Barns for Storage in NJ MD and PA

Transform your 38×60 pole barn into an optimal storage solution. Ideal for safeguarding large items from the elements, this size is tailored to meet your needs. Install robust shelving systems to ensure tidiness and organization for smaller items. Whether you require storage for personal belongings or run a business with an extensive inventory, a pole barn offers the perfect solution to meet your storage needs effectively!

38×60 Pole Barn for Mechanics

38x60 Pole Barns for Mechanics in NJ MD and PA

Whether car maintenance is your passion or profession, owning your own workshop streamlines the process and enhances efficiency. Personalizing the space according to your preferences fosters a conducive working environment. Equip your 38×60 pole barn garage with essentials like a lift, durable shelves, and an office area to facilitate smooth operations and maximize productivity for your mechanic business.

38×60 Pole Barns for Hosting

38x60 Pole Barns for Hosting in NJ MD and PA

Your 38×60 pole barn can be transformed into the perfect space for hosting guests! Whether you need a space for hosting events and parties or a place for your guests to stay overnight, your pole building can be customized and finished to give you the space you need. Choose to finish your building with a classic barn aesthetic or with a sleek and modern pole barn style. Enjoy more space for hosting with a new pole building!

Standard Features for 38×60 Pole Barns

At Extreme Pole Buildings, we prioritize your satisfaction with the creation of your new pole barn. Our dedication is evident in the construction of durable pole barns, using only top-quality materials. While we tailor each pole barn to your preferences, certain essential features are fundamental to the construction process.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

38×60 Pole Barn Siding

Our 38×60 pole barns boast robust steel siding, providing a durable and enduring exterior. Employing our standard 28-gauge steel panels ensures a swift and hassle-free installation. Should damage occur, these panels can be effortlessly replaced, offering a cost-efficient solution that reduces replacement time.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

38×60 Pole Barn Roof Options

Your pole barn’s roof is crucial for its appearance and practicality. For smaller pole barns, you can choose between a timeless gable roof, an iconic gambrel roof, or a flat roof. With the roof of your 38×60 pole barn, you can achieve the desired aesthetic for your structure!

Explore our page for more information about our pole barn siding, foundations, and roof options. Whatever style of pole barn type you choose, we prioritize the use of high-quality materials in its construction. Our goal is to ensure that your new building serves you for years to come! Request a quote to get started!

Other Pole Barn Sizes

Seeking a different size of pole building? Whether it’s a smaller or larger pole barn you desire, Extreme Pole Buildings offers customizable options to suit your needs. Opt for a larger structure to accommodate ample storage or workspace. Contact us today to begin crafting your personalized pole-building! You can also check out our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing.

Small Pole Barns

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Medium Pole Barns

medium pole barns

Large Pole Barns

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