50×80 Pole Barns

50x80 Pole Barns

Ways to Use Your 50×80 Pole Barns

A new 50×80 pole barn can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are a farmer, business owner, or a parent looking for a place for their children to play sports, our pole barns are what you need! Each of our buildings can be fully customized to the measurements that you need. On top of custom sizes, we also offer personalized colors and add-on options so you can complete your pole barn just how you want it! Check out some uses for your 50×80, but don’t stop with these! Dream up your own ideas, and then make them a reality by working with us! Check out our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing.

Are you interested in how pole barns are built? Check out our blog on pole barn framing for more information!

50×80 Pole Barn Garage

50x80 Pole Barns in PA NJ and MD

Your 50×80 pole barn will make an excellent garage for parking your vehicles and keeping them protected from the elements. This large size will give you space for multiple cars and extra storage space for odds and ends that don’t fit in your home. You can also add a loft space to your pole barn garage! Use this for even more storage, or transform it into an arcade or hobby space for your children.

50×80 Commercial Pole Barn

50x80 Pole Barns for Commercial Use

Are you a business owner looking to expand your business space? A 50×80 commercial pole barn is what you need to grow your business. If you need storage space for your supplies or a place for retail sales, this size pole barn will give you the space you need. You can choose how you want your building finished– from colors to add-ons and custom options, you can create a building that fits your business to perfection.

50×80 Pole Barn for Storage

50x80 Pole Barns for Storage

Your 50×80 pole barn will make an excellent space for storing a variety of items, both large and small. Whether you are a business owner in need of a space to store extra supplies or you have a lot of outdoor equipment that needs a protected space, our different pole barn styles will give you the space you need. Customize your building with large garage doors and sturdy shelving to make storage efficient and easy!

50×80 Pole Barns for Farming

50x80 Pole Barns for Farming

As a farmer, you have a lot of valuable equipment, tools, and supplies that you need to keep protected. Add a 50×80 pole barn for livestock and farming to your property to securely store your hay, farming equipment, and tools. You can also customize your pole building with stalls for housing your livestock. Choose the finished look you want for your barn with different roof styles and siding color options to make the building your own!

50×80 Pole Barn for Sports

50x80 Pole Barns for Sports

Are you wishing for a space where you can play sports in any weather? A 50×80 pole building can be transformed into a space for playing a variety of sports. These dimensions give enough space for a volleyball, tennis, or pickleball court with enough extra space for spectators to sit. With your own style of pole barn, you’ll be able to stay practiced and ready for the season when it starts!

50×80 Pole Barns for Gymnastics

50x80 Pole Barns for Gymnastics

You may think of pole barns as used mainly for farming and business purposes, but these buildings can be used for so much more! The large dimensions of this commercial-style pole building will give plenty of space for practicing for an upcoming gymnastics event. Choose a wall height that gives you a space that feels open. Then, you can outfit the space with all the equipment you need to practice and train!

Extreme Specs for 50×80 Pole Barns

Regardless of the purpose you have for your 50×80 pole barn, our priority is your absolute satisfaction with the building. To ensure this, we always incorporate a range of standard features in all our pole barns. From top-quality roofing to different foundation options, you get to choose how you want your barn to look while being able to trust that your building is built with quality materials.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

50×80 Pole Barn Siding

The exterior of your 50×80 pole barn is finished with top-tier steel siding, guaranteeing long-lasting durability. Crafted from 28-gauge panels, our steel siding facilitates fast and effortless installation, simplifying maintenance tasks. Should any damage happen, replacement is easy and quick, saving you valuable time and resources.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

Roof Options for 50×80 Pole Barns

Your pole barn’s roof significantly influences both its aesthetics and functionality. Choose between the timeless gable roof, the iconic gambrel barn roof, or a flat roof for smaller barns. Your choice for your 50×80 pole barn’s roof is determined by the finished look you want for your barn, as well as the ceiling style you want for your building.

If you want to find out more about our pole barn siding, roof options, and foundations, check out our page on that topic! No matter what size and style you choose, we make sure that we construct it with quality materials. We want your new building to give you a long life of use!

Pole Barn Size Options

Do you need a different dimension for your pole structure? Whether it’s a smaller or larger barn, Extreme Pole Buildings offers complete customization of size and style. Opt for a larger layout for ample storage or workspace. Contact us today to start designing your personalized pole building! If you already know the size and style of building that you want, request a free estimate to find out the cost of your pole barn.