What Size Pole Barn Do I Need?

What Size Pole Barn Do I Need?

What size Pole Barn Do I need

What size pole barn do I need? This is the question you are probably asking. The bigger the structure, the harder it is to make sure you are getting what you need. When it comes to pole barns, how do you know what size is going to be the best for you? If you have not yet already, don’t forget to check out the most common pole barn sizes out there.

How Big Of A Pole Barn Do I Need?

what size pole barn do i need

Pole Barn size is determined by how you are going to be using it. You need a pole barn that will not only house what you want today but also is something you can grow with over the years. If you are able to fit everything you need in a 10×10 pole shed today…will it be the same in 5 years? It would be a lot easier to build a large size pole barn today, rather than have to build a 2nd one in a few years.

What Is The Smallest Size Pole Barn?

The smallest pole barn size is a 10×10 pole shed. This gives you about 100 sq ft of space and is generally used for storage.

3 Sizes Of Pole Barns

Thinking in terms of sizes for pole barns, you can classify them into 3 main categories. Small pole barns, medium pole barns, and large pole barns.

Large Pole Barns

what size pole barn do i need, large pole barns

The common large pole barn sizes include any pole barn with widths of 60 and larger. There are a variety of large pole barn sizes, and they are usually used commercially, or for large livestock housing for horses and cattle.

Medium Pole Barns

what size pole barn do i need. medium pole barns

Medium pole barns are great for a lot of uses, whether residential, commercial, or agricultural. A 30 x 40 is a common medium pole barn that can be used for livestock, residential use, or commercial storage.

Small Pole Barns

what size pole barn do i need, small pole barns

Need some extra storage for miscellaneous items? How about a small workshop for your small business? Small pole barns can be used in various ways like small guest houses and sheds to store household items.

Pole Barn Sizes By Use

what size pole barn do i need

Before you make a decision on your pole barn, consider what you would like to use it for. Do you need it to house livestock? What about storing vehicles? Maybe simply additional storage space for your backyard? Let’s look at the best pole barn sizes for different uses.

Livestock Pole Barns

If you want pole barns for livestock use, like housing horses, cows, or pigs, consider a large pole barn, like a 60 x 80 or larger. Depending on the number of animals you have or the space you need, you can go bigger or smaller. If you only have a few animals, consider a medium pole barn like a 30 x 40 or something similar.

Pole Sheds

Want some extra storage space? Once again, depending on your needs, the pole barn shed you want can vary from small to medium and even large if you need plenty of space. Consider a small pole shed for moderate storage, and if you need to store large vehicles or equipment, a medium pole barn could be a better option.

Commercial Pole Barns

Are you looking for pole barns for commercial use? Maybe you are looking to expand your business or have some additional storage space on your property. We offer a variety of pole barn sizes for your commercial needs. The pole barn size you need will vary based on the size of your business. Large pole barns are typically used for commercial purposes.

Pole barns for commercial use can range from 60×100 to 120×200 feet. The size of the pole barn you want for commercial use will depend on your needs and preferences. Extreme Pole Buildings offers a large variety of sizes and can customize your commercial pole barn to fit your specific needs.

Pole Barn Garages

Pole barn garages may be the perfect vehicle storage solution you have been looking for. Whether you have one car or five, we have just the right size for you. We offer pole barn garages for your vehicle storage in some of the following dimensions:

Single Car Garages12×16 feet
Two-Car Garages24×30 feet
Three Car Garages30×36 feet

Most pole barn garages would be classified as small to medium pole barns and can be customized in size and design to fit your style and preferences.

Horse Pole Barns

There are many sizes of pole barns that you can choose from when looking for pole barns for horses. The size you want will vary on the number of horses you have. Do you have one horse you would like a stable for? Or do you house 15 horses for commercial purposes? Decide how much space you need for your equine friends and go from there. Here are some common horse pole barn sizes you may want to consider.

Small Horse Pole Barns12×12 to 24×241-2 horses
Medium Horse Pole Barns36×36 to 48×483-6 horses
Large Horse Pole Barns60×60 to 100×1007+ horses

Pole Barn Offices

If you are looking to create a larger, more efficient workspace, then consider a pole barn office. A pole barn office can be a smart and functional workspace for your company. Just consider some factors when building this office space, like the number of employees occupying the space, the equipment and furniture needed, and the other facilities you will want in your office.

If the office is a personal office you want for yourself on your property, then you will probably want to opt for a small pole barn, like a 12×16 pole barn. If you building an office pole barn for a business workspace, and are planning to have more employees, you will want to choose a larger size, like a 40×60 pole barn, or something closer to that size range.

Choose From Our Pole Barns In PA

what size pole barn do i need

What size pole barn do I need? The truth is, whatever size pole barn you need, we can make it for you. At Extreme Pole Buildings, we make quality pole barns in a large variety of sizes and with the customizations you want. Simply contact us or get a free quote to get started today.