Modern Barndominium Interior Ideas

Modern Barndominium interior

You have a lot of options when it comes to designing your barndominium. One of the most popular ideas is to modernize your new structure. Here are the top modern barndominium interior ideas.

Modern Barndominium Interior Wall Decor Ideas

Modern Barndominium interior art
  • Modern Art – One of the more obvious ideas for wall decor in a modern barndominium is adding modern art pieces. You can add artwork that accents the design of your home while still giving a modern feel. Modern art can feel like an enigma, but you know it when you see it.
  • Family Art – Some people think that in a modern barndominium home, you can’t have pictures of your family…but that isn’t correct. Nice, blown-up pictures and canvases of your family can be a great addition to any modern barndominium interior. 
  • Cultural Art – Depending on where you live, your barndominium can reflect the surrounding area. Your modern wall decor could be items, pictures, or colorscapes that will immediately make you feel like you are in your town, state, or country. 
  • Blank Walls – One of the more common elements of modern barndominium wall decor is to actually leave them the way they are. Blank walls with whatever color paint you have can give your barndo the modern feel all by themselves. 

Modern Barndominium Interior Door Ideas

barn door for modern bardominum ideas
  • Sliding Farm Door – A farmhouse-style door can still find its way into a modern barndominium. Picture a black metal rail at the top, with a white barndo door that acts as the entryway to your dining room. 
  • French Style – These doors allow some light into the next room but still gives the privacy of a regular door. Their light design provides a very modern feel to any barndo. 
  • Black + White Door Colors – The color scheme for modern barndominium doors is polar. Blacks and whites are modern designer’s best friend. 
  • RigidDoorKnobs – One of the things that most people overlook on their modern barndominium interior ideas list is the doorknobs. It’s incredible how something so small and simple can help a room feel more modern. Rigid, dark doorknobs can show guests the design, and the feel doesn’t stop no matter where you turn.

Modern Barndominium Interior Design Ideas

Modern Barndominium interior Design
  • Glass – Modern barndominiums tend to use a lot of glass in their decor. This gives a feel of sophistication and goes back to the sharpness of the designs of these structures. 
  • Wood – Wood can be used either wholly or sparingly to give a modern feel. Wood can be challenging to give off the representation of modern, however, because it can start to feel like a cabin or give off a rustic vibe. 
  • Metal – Metalwork is one of the most popular elements featured in modern barndominiums today. Metal gives a post-industrial revolution feel which brought in the modern era, thus being featured in modern homes. 
  • Light – Many different types of light structures can make your barndominium feel modern. Whether they rest on the floor or are built into the ceiling or walls, pointed lights can make your home feel more modern. 

Modern Barndominium Interior Garage

modern bardominum garage
  • Classic Car Storage – If you own a modern barndominium and are designing a garage space, chances are you have a really nice car. You can utilize your modern barndominium garage as the perfect storage for your classic vehicle. 
  • Workshop – If you are someone who likes working with your hands, a modern barndominium garage can be transformed into the best workshop. While not exactly like Tony Stark, you can still have all of the tools and toys you need to create something unique. 
  • Game Room – Sometimes, one of the best ways to relax in your modern barndominium is with a specific space to have fun. A modern bardo game room can feature pinball machines, darts, pool tables, and neon signs that bring about a modern feel despite their historical uses. 

Modern Barndominium Interior Rooms

Let’s dive a little deeper into the specific rooms in your modern barndominium and what could be featured inside. 

Modern Barndominium Interior Ideas: Bedroom 

modern bardominum bedroom ideas
  • Modern Banrdominium Bedroom Furniture
    • Bed – The bed is an obvious first choice for any bedroom, but the style can be up to you. A modern bed frame includes polar colors, a simple design and is often lower in height than most other beds. 
    • Nightstand – A modern bedroom nightstand matches the rest of the furniture and does not include handles. It just has slide-out drawers and is also very simple in design. 
    • Drawers – Modern barndominium bedroom drawers will match the nightstand and also be very simple and clean in their design. 

Modern Barndominium Interior Ideas: Living Room 

Modern Barndominium interior living room
  • Modern Banrdominium Living Room Furniture
    • Couches – Modern couches can be made from different types of materials, but all exude the same feel: the simplistic, sheen, and possibly uncomfortable vibe. 
    • TV Stand – A modern TV stand often does more than just hold your tv. It gives you a place to store things where no one can see and helps to contain any cords that could make your room feel less modern. You can step it up and just have a wall mount with all the cables behind the drywall!
    • Chairs – The interesting thing about modern chairs is that they don’t have to match. As long as they fit the color and feel of your living room, you can have different types of chairs to make up your modern living room. 

Modern Barndominium Interior Ideas: Kitchen 

modern bardominum kitchen ideas
  • Modern Banrdominium Kitchen Furniture
    • Barstools – In a modern kitchen, chances are you have a granite breakfast bar. When you add in barstools, it can complete your kitchen. These barstools are often black and can come with or without backs. 
    • Hutch – A hutch is often thought of as an old design for kitchens, but there are modern equivalents today. Most modern hutches include more glass and less wood than average. 
    • Bar Cart – While you may have a bar in the basement or elsewhere in your modern barndominium. A bar cart is a great “miniature” version to help bring a modern feel into your kitchen. 
  • Other Features
    • Counters – Counters in a modern barndo kitchen are often granite or marble. Not only do they look modern, but they are also beneficial.
    • Cupboards – Like bedroom furniture, modern kitchen cupboards do not feature handles. They are very rigid and one-dimensional and often have slow-close technology. 
    • Appliances – You will often see appliances that are not seen in traditional kitchens. Things like air fryers, pizza ovens, refrigerator drawers, wall ovens, espresso machines, and steam ovens may be seen. 

Modern Barndominium Interior Ideas: Dining Room 

Modern Barndominium interior dining room
  • Modern Banrdominium Dining Room Furniture
    • Tables – A modern barndominium dining table is often large and dense. The only time it isn’t is if the table is entirely glass. Maintaining contrasting colors, these tables are generally rectangular and not circular. 
    • Chairs – Modern barndominium chairs are not generally made of wood. There is often leather, vinyl, or expensive cloth involved in the upholstery. 
    • China Cabinet – A china cabinet, like a hutch, has made a modern comeback in recent years. The interesting thing is this cabinet often doesn’t feature china in a modern home. It could feature modern decor or other heirlooms. 

Modern Barndominium Interiors Built In PA, MD, & NJ

Modern Barndominium interior in PA NJ and MD

At Extreme Pole Buildings, we construct modern barndominiums in PA, MD, & NJ. Contact us to learn more about how we can create a custom structure for you. With our variety of pole barn styles, you’ll be sure to find the building you’re looking for. We look forward to giving you the modern barndominium of your dreams!