Pole Barn Office

pole barn office space

One of the best ways to solve not having an office is to build one yourself. What better way to give yourself the space you need than with an affordable and durable building solution. This style offers a full-time solution to your office space needs. Below, we will talk about all of the ideas and details you need to know about pole barn offices!

Pole Barn Office Ideas

Pole Barn Office
  • Open Office – If you have a team that doesn’t mind an open floor plan, then having everyone in the same “room” can be a great way to work together. Whether you want to utilize cubicles or other separators, keeping things simple and open makes it much easier. You then don’t have to add additional drywall and extra room charges. 
  • Compartmentalizing – You can also go the route of adding more rooms to this kind of office. This allows everyone to completely have their own space. You can even add windows into each office room for natural lighting. 
  • Multiple Floors – If you need additional space for your pole barn office, why not add an additional floor? A 2nd floor allows you to have a bigger break room, multiple conference rooms, admin offices, and more! You can also start adding amenities for employees, like; a workout room, quiet rooms, and additional relaxing rooms to work in when people need to be away from their desks. You may want to talk about an office on the second floor with attic trusses (I would be happy to discuss attic trusses. They are great for second-floor offices)

Pole Barn Office Plans

pole barn office plans

Here are a few ideas for pole barn office plans to get you started! 

Pole Barn Office at home
pole barn office idea

Pole Barn Office Designs

While there are many different things you can do with a pole barn office, sometimes you don’t even need a huge building to make your office work. Here are some other design ideas for your space.

  • Pole Barn With Attached Office – If you have a small company or just need an office space that doesn’t require a whole extra building…why not build a pole barn for multiple uses? You can get a pole barn built for storage or as in-law quarters, and then add an office as a room off of that pole barn! 
pole barn with attached office pole barn office
  • Pole Barn Home Office – If you are just starting out and you need an office space where your business can grow, start with a home office space. A home pole barn office could be a garage or shed that you custom design with the specs and features that your office space needs. 
pole barn office for your home
  • Pole Barn Office With Garage – This office style isn’t just a garage turned into an office…it is a pole barn office with full-size garages. If you need inventory taken away or delivered, customize your office space with a warehouse and garage doors.
pole barn garage pole barn office

Pole Barn Office Sizes

Here are some common pole barn office sizes as you get started with your design. 

  • Small Pole Barn Offices – These offices are often on the property of a home and can range in size from 12×20 to 24×24.
small pole barn office
  • Medium Pole Barn Offices – These office spaces are generally on their own land and can range in size from 24×32 to 30×40.
loft pole barn office
  • Large Pole Barn Offices – These offices are the standard sizes for most small businesses and can range in size from 40×50 to 80×100.
large pole bar office
  • Commercial Pole Barn Offices – The largest office spaces are often for companies experiencing growth or needing extra space dealing with their niche product. These offices can range in size from 80×100 to 80×200 and include a lot of specific designs to meet their needs.
commercial pole barn office

Pole Barn With Office Loft

Even smaller than a pole shed office, a pole barn with an office loft can be a great way to gain your own space without breaking the bank. Putting a loft in your pole barn with enough space for you to have a home office can help you be at work and home simultaneously. Place a staircase up to your loft for easy access to get to work in the morning. Say goodbye to traffic!

pole barn office with loft

Pole Barn Office Cost

pole barn office cost

Pole barn offices can cost anywhere from $5,500 – $350,000, depending on what you want from your space. That is a HUGE range, so contact us to find out more about the specific pricing of your potential office space!

Pole Barn Offices In PA, NJ, & MD

medium pole barn office

If you are in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Maryland and you need office space, submit a free quote with us to help design your new pole barn office and find out the cost of a pole barn. We offer a variety of pole barn styles that can be transformed into the office space of your dreams. These affordable and durable structures will help you create an environment where work gets done. We look forward to hearing from you!