3 Sided Pole Barns- The Complete Guide

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In the world of pole barns, there are many different pole barn styles, sizes, and customization options you can select. Did you know that you can get a pole barn shed? Or a pole barn garage or pole barn carport? You can turn a pole barn into an arena or invest in a pole barn for livestock housing. And have you ever heard of a 3 sided pole barn?

If you are not familiar with pole barns and their construction, read this article to learn what you need to know about pole barns.

What Are 3 Sided Pole Barns?

3 sided pole barns are post-frame structures that are often used for horse barns, storage, carports, and equipment housing. These multi-use structures have 3 sides (obviously) and one large opening. The opening can be on any side of the 3 sided pole barn. If you would like to see some more photos of three sided pole barns, check out this page.

Why a 3-Sided Pole Barn?

If you are considering getting a pole barn for your property, then it would be smart to consider a 3-sided pole barn. These pole barns may be just what you need for housing livestock or for storing your farm equipment. Let’s take a look at the main reasons someone might invest in a three-sided pole barn over a traditional pole barn.

Cost Effective

Pole barns are already less expensive than steel buildings especially, and take less time to build. A 3-sided pole barn would require even less time and labor than a standard one due to the fact that it has only three sides that need to be constructed.

Natural Ventilation

Because of the open side of a three-sided pole barn, there is naturally more ventilation and airflow. This may be important, especially for pole barns that house livestock like horses and cattle or for pole barns that need good ventilation for proper hay storage.

Easy Accessibility

If accessibility is something you are looking for in a pole barn, then a 3 sided pole barn could be a great choice for you. The open wall on this style of pole barn makes for easy entrance into the barn with tractors, equipment, and ATVs.

3 Sided Pole Barn Costs

A 3-sided pole barn, on average, costs around $13,000. Since 3 sided pole barns are much larger than a traditional shed or small barn, they are slightly more expensive…but way less expensive for a structure of that size than a traditional stick frame building. Some of the following factors will determine the cost of your 3-sided pole barn. You can also check out our blog on pole barn prices for more information.

  • Size- Obviously, a larger pole barn will cost more. Smaller pole barns like pole barn sheds and garages will take a lot less labor and time, as well as materials.
  • Materials– Depending on the construction materials you choose, you may have to deal with some additional costs. Materials like certain kinds of wood may be more expensive than using metal or concrete. Using metal roofing on your pole barn will also be cheaper than using shingles or tile.
  • Additional Features– If you are looking to add some extra features to your pole barn, then keep in mind that you will probably spend more money. Extra windows, plumbing, electrical work, and suchlike will add to the cost of your pole barn.

3 Sided Pole Barn Sizes

Small 3 Sided Pole Barns

Small three-sided pole barns are often used for agricultural purposes like storage or shelter for animals. If you need a small area to store a few pieces of outdoor equipment like a lawn mower or weed eater, a small pole barn like this could be a good fit.

Medium 3 Sided Pole Barns

Medium pole barns are generally used for storing equipment, like vehicles and farm equipment. Consider using a medium 3-sided pole barn for a workshop area and storage area too.

Large 3 Sided Pole Barns

Most 3-sided pole barns this size are used for commercial purposes, livestock housing, or large storage areas. The open side of the pole barn makes for better accessibility whether you need to feed the animals or drive a tractor under a sheltered area.

You can really have a 3-sided pole barn that is any custom size, as long as your contractor can implement your vision!

If you would like more information on some popular pole barn sizes, check out our blog on common pole barn sizes.

Common 3 Sided Pole Barn Uses

There are 3 main uses for three-sided pole barns; storage, carports, and housing horses. Below is a little more detail on each of these styles.

3 Sided Horse Pole Barns

These 3 sided pole barns can be full-size horse barns or row barns. You can choose whether or not you want a simple row barn for escaping the heat or inclement weather or having specific stalls and “housing” for your animals.

Interested in a traditional pole barn for horses? Check out this article to learn all you need to know about agricultural horse pole barns.

3 Sided Pole Barns For Storage

These pole barns are perfect for large machinery or tractors! Store your equipment underneath a 3-sided pole barn for protection but also easy access to take things in and out as you please. You can also add a loft in your barn for even more off-ground storage space.

3 Sided Pole Barn Carports

Carports are an effective way to protect and store vehicles without the hassle of constructing a full garage. A 3 sided pole barn provides a unique space to give the shelter of your car without breaking the bank.

Are 3 Sided Pole Barns Sturdy?

3 sided pole barns are extremely sturdy and durable. These pole barns can actually last for 75+ years if they are taken care of. The maintenance on these barns is significantly less than on other structures as well, so you shouldn’t have a hard time keeping them in shape.

3 Sided Pole Sheds vs. Barns

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How do you know if you need a pole shed vs. a pole barn? In truth, they are very similar. On pole barns, the roof style is generally the same, and the structure’s exterior will look similar as well. A 3-sided pole barn may include some differences in the interior. From a loft to some other interior spacial differences, barns will be the way to go if you need to house larger items!

3 Sided Pole Barns from Extreme Pole Buildings

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Is a 3-sided pole barn something that you are considering? You’ll be glad to know that Extreme Pole Barns are experts in pole barn construction and have been in the business for over 19 years. Whether you are looking for a pole barn shed or a massive pole barn for commercial use, we have what you need. Simply contact us or request a free quote, and customize your 3-sided pole barn to best suit your needs!