Large Pole Barns

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Large pole barns are one of the best solutions for matching high quality with lower cost when it comes to outdoor structures. These buildings have many different uses, and prices depending on how you want to outfit them. Below, we will cover the most common sizes and uses of large pole barns!

Large Pole Barn Sizes

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Large pole barn sizes include widths of 60 and larger! That means large pole barns have widths of 60, 80, 100, 120, 200, 300, and beyond depending on whether or not your contractor goes that high. The length and width of common large pole barn sizes are:

What Is The Largest Pole Barn Size?

The largest pole barn size is going to be around 24,000 square feet. After that, you need other elements to make the pole structure sturdy. That can be a 120×200 pole barn or other variations of length and width to equal 24,000 square feet.

Large Pole Barn Uses

Large pole barns are generally used at the commercial and agricultural levels…although, sometimes, you will find a large pole barn on someone’s residential property too! Below are some of the common uses of large barns. You can even have a horse riding arena pole barn!

Large Pole Barns For Livestock

Large Pole Barn for Livestock

Large pole barns for livestock are one of the most cost-effective ways of housing your animals. These pole barns can have stalls, feeding areas, and other spaces inside to make the most of the interior for your animals.

Large Commercial Pole Barns

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These pole barns are often used as storage for companies that need to house products. No matter what you’re storing, a large commercial pole barn can give you exactly what you are looking for.

Large Pole Barn Garages

Large Pole Barn Garage for Large Vehicles

While these pole barns could be for a home, they most often are found on commercial properties. Large pole barn garages are great for storing elements and also being able to work on large trucks or load large trucks. Having bay doors and large garage doors could help your company get where it needs to be.

Large 2-Story Pole Barns

Large Commercial Pole Barn Project

While this style isn’t necessarily a type of large pole barn, a 2-story barn is another way you could create the large space you need. Whether you want to have an office on the 2nd floor and a workshop below or have a guest house complete with a garage on the 1st floor, a 2-story pole barn can meet many demands.

Our Extreme Large Pole Barn Specs

Extreme Pole Buildings is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your new pole building. We dedicate ourselves to constructing sturdy pole barns using the finest quality materials. While we customize each pole barn to your specific preferences, there are certain key options that are standard in creating a superior pole barn.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

Siding for Large Pole Barns

Equipped with durable steel siding, our large pole barns boast a finish designed. The standard 28 gauge panels ensure quick and easy installation. Should any damage occur, the steel panels are easily replaceable, resulting in significant time and cost savings for you.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Foundation

Foundation and Footers for Large Pole Barns

Laying a solid foundation is crucial when constructing your large pole barn. Even for our smaller structures, we install an 18-inch diameter footer that extends approximately 2 feet deep into the ground, ensuring a robust foundation for your new pole building.
At Extreme Pole Building, we provide various foundation options for your pole barn. The permacolumn wet set involves pouring more concrete to keep the wood elevated above ground. For enhanced strength and minimal wood-ground contact, consider our permacolumn concrete post. If budget is a concern, our traditional treated concrete pad options offer a cost-effective solution, tailored to your specific ground conditions.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

Large Pole Barn Roof Options

The roof selection for your large pole barn can significantly impact both its look and functionality. We present three options to cater to your specific property needs. The Gambrel roof offers increased interior headroom and adds a striking appearance to the exterior. The shed roof, characterized by a single plane, is ideal for smaller pole barns, but may not be suitable for a larger structure. If you live in a cold climate with heavy winter snowfall, the gable roof is an excellent choice. This design ensures that snow doesn’t accumulate and facilitates straightforward insulation and ventilation for your larger pole barn.

Not sure exactly how you want your pole barn to be finished? We’d love to help you design a pole barn that is finished just how you want it to be. Contact us or request a quote today to get started!

Large Pole Barns In PA, MD, & NJ

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If you are interested in large pole barns in PA, MD, or NJ…we would love to connect! Fill out a free quote form by clicking the button below to get started. We are here to help you with the permit and pad process for your pole barn too. We look forward to hearing from you!

Other Pole Barn Size Options

If you don’t think that a large pole barn is the right size for you, check out our other pole barn options to find the best pole barn for you! Extreme Pole Buildings offers you options of pole barn sizes so you find the right pole barn for whatever needs you have.