24×36 Pole Barns

24x36 Pole Barns

Ways to Use Your 24×36 Pole Barn

Are you looking for a versatile addition to your property? A 24×36 pole barn is just what you need! Extreme Pole Buildings constructs custom pole buildings that come in a variety of pole barn styles and sizes. Whether you want a simple pole barn for storage or a deluxe, charming building for your latest business venture, we provide customized pole buildings in PA, NJ, and MD that perfectly match your needs and wants! Check out some different uses for this size of pole building, but don’t stop there! Dream up your own pole barn design, and then request a free quote to find out what the price will be! You can also check out our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing. Interested in learning more about pole barn construction? Read our blog on pole barn framing to learn all you need to know.

24×36 Pole Barn Garage

24x36 Pole Barn Garages

Easily accommodates up to two cars with additional storage space in a 24×36 pole barn garage. Beyond vehicle storage, use the garage for keeping your lawnmower, tools, or outdoor equipment. The inclusion of a garage door ensures convenient access to your backyard pole barn. Customize the color to blend with the other buildings on your property using our range of custom colors.

24×36 Pole Barn for Storage

24x36 Pole Barns for Storage

For your backyard or business storage needs, pole barns prove to be excellent solutions. These structures provide exceptional quality, ensuring the protection and security of your valuable equipment and supplies. Whether you’re storing outdoor equipment during the off-season or managing a lawn care business with various tools and supplies, the 24×36 pole barn garage size is ideal for your property.

24×36 Pole Barns for Livestock

24x36 Pole Barns for Livestock

If you’re a farmer wanting a weather-resistant solution for housing your animals, discover the perfect option with a 24×36 pole barn for livestock. Customize the interior by adding individual stalls to provide dedicated spaces for each animal and incorporate a storage room to keep tack and food supplies organized and protected. Keep your livestock healthy and comfortable in a new pole barn!

24×36 Pole Barns for Commercial Use

24x36 Pole Barns for Commercial Use

A 24×36 pole barn is an excellent size to launch your new business or expand your current business. Whether you need retail or warehouse space for offsite work, the customizable options our pole barns provide make them an ideal choice for you. Tailor your commercial pole barn with durable shelving, large windows, and your choice of regular or roll-up doors to achieve the aesthetics and functionality you desire.

24×36 Pole Barns for Mechanics

24x36 Pole Barns for Mechanics

Whether you work on vehicles as a side hustle or a full-time profession, a 24×36 pole barn garage provides the essential space for efficient and organized work. Capable of accommodating two cars, this building allows you to install lifts, shelving for supplies, and necessary tools. Mechanic shops often opt for the addition of a loft area above the main workspace, offering extra storage or a designated space for breaks during your work.

24×36 Pole Barn Office

24x36 Pole Barn Office

If you need a dedicated office for your business or a comfortable workspace for remote work, a 24×36 pole barn can be transformed into the office of your dreams. Customize it by adding individual offices for a more structured layout or leave the space open for a modern and sleek design. Consider adding a second story to provide additional space for storage, meeting rooms, or break rooms for your employees.

Our Extreme Pole Barn Features

Our dedication to your complete satisfaction drives us to excel in every aspect of your new pole building. We take pride in constructing a variety of pole barn styles that consistently uphold the highest quality standards. While we tailor each building to your specific requirements, certain fundamental features are standard across all our pole buildings. Your satisfaction is our priority throughout the entire process.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

Siding for 24×36 Pole Barns

We complete all our barns with durable steel siding known for its enduring quality. Constructed from 28-gauge panels, this siding guarantees a swift and uncomplicated installation and replacement process. The efficiency of installing pole barn siding is just one of the many ways these buildings provide you with both time and cost savings.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

Roofing Options for Your Pole Barn

When it comes to customizing the look of your 24×36 pole barn, the roof is the key element where you can personalize the building. Choose between a gambrel or gable roof for this structure. A gambrel roof provides a unique cathedral ceiling inside, perfect for event spaces or incorporating a loft space, while a gable roof gives the building a timeless, streamlined aesthetic.

Explore our page dedicated to pole barn siding, foundations, and roof options for detailed information. Regardless of the pole barn type you opt for, we prioritize the use of high-quality materials in its construction. Our goal is to ensure that your new building serves you for an extended period.

More Pole Barn Sizes

If this particular size of pole barn doesn’t precisely meet your needs, explore our range of other size options to find the perfect fit for you! We construct our pole barn framing and build our pole barns to accommodate your space requirements. Contact us to start a discussion about designing your new barn, or request a free quote to estimate the approximate cost of your customized pole barn!

Are you looking for pole barns in State College, PA, or pole barns in Columbia, PA? Check out our Areas We Serve Pages and see all the places we can build you a pole barn.