28×30 Pole Barns

black and gray 28x30 pole barn

Best Uses for a 28×30 Pole Barn

Are you wondering if a 28×30 pole barn could be the right fit for your property? Before you decide, explore our range of sizes so you can fit the perfect fit for your needs. Our 28×30 pole barns are on the smaller side, perfect for a shed or one to two-car garage. Whether you want a guest house or a spot for your horses, Extreme Pole Buildings offers a custom pole barn solution built to withstand various weather conditions. Read our blog on Pole Barn Prices to find out more about pricing details.

Curious how we build out pole barns? Check out our blog on pole barn framing to find out how we do it!

28×30 Pole Barns for Storage

brown 28x30 pole barn shed

A 28×30 pole barn shed is perfect for storing household items, gardening tools, bicycles, or lawn equipment. Not only does it offer room for storage, but it’s also constructed with durable materials, keeping the items your storing safe during any weather. Whether you’re looking for a storage shed for personal items or commercial purposes, a 28×30 pole barn offers just enough room to store what you need.

28×30 Pole Barns for Livestock

black and gray 28x30 pole barn for livestock

A 28×30 pole barn is on the smaller side so the number of animals you can house may be limited. This pole barn size offers enough room for 1-2 horses, a number of pigs depending on the type and number you plan to raise, and the same goes for other animals. Make sure to have enough room for each animal to move around as well as space for storage and hallways. All of our pole barns for livestock are constructed with sturdy materials, ensuring durability and a secure environment for your animals. 

28×30 Pole Barn Garages

brown 28x30 pole barn garage with green roof and space for two cars

Use your 28×30 pole barn as a garage and have enough space for parking one to two vehicles and storing tools. Whether you use it for ATVs and motorcycles or for additional storage, a 28×30 pole barn garage is a cost-effective and safe way to keep your vehicles protected from the elements. All our pole barns are completely customizable, so select a roof style and color scheme that will blend in seamlessly with your home.

28×30 Commercial Pole Barns

gray metal 28x30 pole barn for commercial use

Looking for a space to launch your business? A 28×30 pole barn offers plenty of room for a few offices or to store additional inventory. You could even utilize it as a workshop or to prepare orders for your business. Regardless of your venture, a 28×30 commercial pole barn is the perfect place to launch your business.

28×30 Pole Barn Cabin

gray 28x30 pole barn cabin with white trim and two white garage doors with American flag hanging out front

Create the perfect getaway in the woods with a 28×30 pole barn cabin. You can build a cabin with a kitchen, living space, and loft or turn the main level into a space for parking your vehicles and use the loft area as a living space. By customizing your pole barn with us, the possibilities are endless. Whether you simply want a vacation spot or a place to stay when you go hunting, these cabins are the perfect fit. 

28×30 Pole Barn For Hobbies

tan and brown pole barn garage for hobbies with blue side door and stones around bottom

Want a space entirely dedicated to your hobby? A 28×30 pole barn garage is the perfect place to do just that! From wood carving to crafting or even a recording or art studio, the size pole barn will provide you with exactly the space you need. Customize the building with all you need to fully enjoy your hobby and do it more easily. Add extra windows to the building to let in plenty of natural light to inspire you and your latest project!

Extreme Standard Features for 28×30 Pole Barns

Regardless of how you plan to use your 28×30 pole barn, our main goal is to guarantee that you’re completely satisfied with the structure. Our dedication to customer satisfaction motivates us to create various pole barn styles with quality standard features. We’ll customize your pole barn to align with your preferences, but we do have some features that are standard across all buildings.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

Siding for 28×30 Pole Barns

We finish all our 28×30 pole barns with high-quality steel siding constructed to withstand any weather conditions. Crafted from robust 28-gauge panels, this siding is easy and quick to install or replace.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

Roof Styles for 28×30 Pole Barns

Personalize your roof by selecting the style that best suits you and your property’s needs. You can choose between a flat, fable, or gambrel roof. No matter which you choose, you can create a pole barn that looks exactly how you imagined it. Explore our pole-building specifications to explore these customizable options in more depth!

Explore our page for more information about our pole barn siding, foundations, and roof options. Whatever style of pole barn type you choose, we prioritize using high-quality materials in its construction. We aim to ensure that your new building serves you for years to come! Request a quote to get started!

Other Pole Barn Size Options

Not the size you’re looking for? No problem! Whether you want a small pole barn like this one or a larger one like our 60×140 pole barns, our customizable feature allow you to design the a structure that’s tailored to fit your needs. If you’re unsure about determining the ideal pole barn size for your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you in designing the perfect pole building for your property!

Small Pole Barns

small tan and brown pole barn garage

Medium Pole Barns

cream medium pole barn with gray garage doors

Large Pole Barns

large pole barn