30×32 Pole Barns

30x32 Pole Barns in PA NJ and MD

Ways to Use Your 30×32 Pole Barns

Whether you need a new building for commercial or residential use, a 30×32 pole barn is the right choice for you! This small pole barn size allows you to choose from a variety of uses. You can design your pole barn framing and building to fit with the theme of your property and choose the style of windows and doors to be both attractive and functional. You can check out our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing. Your new pole building will give you a durable and long-lasting space for vehicle storage, your small business, or a protected place for your livestock.

30×32 Pole Barn Garage

30x32 Pole Barn Garages

A 30×32 pole barn garage will hold up to 3 regular-sized cars. Large garage doors can make parking safe and easy while allowing ample natural light when you need to work on your car. You can choose to add a second-story loft area that you can use for storage or transform into a mancave or movie theater. Keep your vehicles protected and in great condition longer with a pole barn garage that gives you enough extra space for storing your tools and supplies!

30×32 Pole Barns for Livestock

30x32 Pole Barns for Livestock

Are you a farmer who’s looking for a solution for keeping your animals protected from the weather? Find what you need with a 30×32 pole barn for livestock. Outfit the interior with individual stalls to keep your livestock in their own space. You can also add a storage room to keep tack and food supplies organized and protected. Giving your livestock a safe and warm space where they can go when bad weather happens is key to raising happy and healthy animals!

30×32 Pole Barns for Storage

30x32 Pole Barns for Storage

Pole sheds make fantastic storage solutions for your backyard or for your business. These buildings offer top-notch quality to keep your valuable equipment and supplies protected and secure. Whether you have outdoor equipment that you need to store during the off-season or you run a lawn care business with a variety of tools and supplies, this 30×32 pole barn size is perfect for your property. Fully customize the finish, add-ons, and color choices to make it your own!

30×32 Pole Barns for Your Business

Commercial 30x32 Pole Barns

If you are just starting your new business, you need a reliable building that won’t break the bank. A 30×32 commercial pole barn is a great size to kickstart your new venture. Whether you need retail or warehouse space for your offsite work, the customization options that our pole barns offer make them a great choice for you! Outfit the space with sturdy shelving, large windows, and regular or roll-up doors to fit the aesthetics and functions that you are looking for. 

30×32 Pole Barn for Mechanics

30x32 Pole Barns for Mechanics

Whether you do vehicle mechanics as a side hustle or as a full-time job, a 30×32 pole barn gives you the space you need to work efficiently and in an organized manner. With enough space to hold three cars, this pole barn garage will give you space to install lifts, shelving for supplies, and the tools you need. A popular choice for mechanic shops is to add a loft area above the main workspace to give extra storage or space for taking breaks from your work. 

30×32 Pole Barns for Recreation

30x32 Pole Barns for Recreation

Add a 30×32 pole barn to your property for a place to make lasting memories with your friends and family. Whether you use the space for a workout gym, game room, or arcade, it’s sure to be a favorite hangout spot for guests. You can fully finish your building to create a comfortable and inviting space for spending winter evenings inside. Don’t let bad weather or cold keep you cooped up in the house! Add a pole barn to your property for a dedicated space for recreation and fun!

Extreme Pole Barn Standard Features

We aim to guarantee your complete satisfaction with your newly constructed pole building. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to craft a diverse range of pole barn styles with unwavering quality and consistent standard features. Although we customize your building to suit your preferences, specific features remain standard across all our pole constructions.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

Siding for Your 30×32 Pole Barn

Every structure we offer features high-grade steel siding engineered for long-lasting endurance. Constructed from 28-gauge panels, our siding guarantees durability and hassle-free installation and replacement. The quick and easy installation of pole barn siding is just one of the many ways these buildings help you save both time and money.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

Pole Barn Roofing Options

When it comes to personalizing the look of your 30×32 pole building, the roof presents the greatest chance for customization. Choose between a gambrel or gable roof for this structure. A gambrel roof offers a unique cathedral ceiling inside, perfect for event spaces or the addition of a loft, while a gable roof provides a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic for the building.

Check out our page dedicated to our pole barn features and specifications to find out more about our buildings. If you already know the size of the pole barn that you need, request a free quote to find the approximate cost of your building. If you don’t know exactly what size pole barn you need, contact us! We’re here to help you find just the building you need to meet your needs.

Other Pole Barn Sizes

If you’ve decided that you need a different size of pole barn, don’t worry! We offer a range of sizes and styles of pole barns. Check out our other available sizes, or contact us if you are unsure of the size you need. If you know the size you want, request a free quote to find out the approximate price of your new pole barn. 

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