40 x 80 Pole Barn

Custom 40 x 80 Pole Barn for Livestock

Best Uses of a 40 x 80 Pole Barn

A 40 x 80  pole barn offers ample room for various purposes on your property. Whether you are looking for a spacious garage for accommodating large vehicles or a comfortable living space for your livestock, this durable structure provides the ideal solution. This size falls under our large pole barn category, but it’s on the small end of that category.

Are you asking yourself what size of pole barn you need? We’re here to help you! Check out our blog post that answers those questions, or contact us, and we’d love to help you find the pole barn of your dreams! You can also request a free quote to find out the approximate cost of your pole barn or check out our blog on Pole Barn Prices.

40 x 80 Pole Barn for Livestock

40 x 80 Pole Barn for Livestock

You can custom design your 40 x 80 pole barn to house your animals. Your pole barn can be outfitted with stalls where your livestock can escape bad weather. You can also create a spacious storage space for all the feed and supplies. If you are a farmer or a rancher, this 40 x 80 pole barn for livestock will make a great addition to your property. 

40 x 80 Pole Barn for Events

40 x 80 Pole Barn

A 40 x 80 pole barn can be custom-built to create a perfect location for hosting events. The spacious interior provided by 3,200 square feet allows for tables, chairs, and more to be set up. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a reunion, or a community event, a 40 x 80 pole barn will give you ample space for hosting with ease!

40 x 80 Pole Barn for Your Business

Commercial 40 x 80 Pole Barn

This 40 x 80 pole barn makes an ideal structure for various business purposes. Whether you need a warehouse for storing extra materials and products for your business or if you need a space for retail sales, this size pole barn is a great place to start. The sturdy construction ensures that your 40 x 80 commercial pole barn will last your business for years to come!

40 x 80 Pole Barn for Workspace

40 x 80 Pole Barn in PA

If you’re looking for a space to make into a workshop, a 40 x 80 pole barn is a great choice for you! Whether you’re working on vehicles or building furniture, the spacious interior of these buildings will provide you with plenty of space. Invest in a 40 x 80 pole barn garage if you want a building with large doors to offer convenient access. 

40 x 80 Pole Barn for Storage

Custom 40 x 80 Pole Barn

Looking for an efficient storage space to add to your property? A 40 x 80 pole barn provides you with ample storage space for things big and small! Install commercial shelves to give you sturdy storage for large items. Whether you want to store outdoor equipment or supplies for your seasonal job, this 40 x 80 pole barn garage is the perfect size!

40 x 80 Pole Barn for Parking Vehicles

40 x 80 Pole Barn Garage

Do you find yourself with multiple vehicles parked around your property? Whether they’re work vehicles or project vehicles that you fix up on the weekends, they should have a protected place to be stored. A 40 x 80 pole barn garage will provide you with space to park multiple vehicles and keep them protected from the natural elements.

Our Extreme 40 x 80 Pole Barn Specs

At Extreme Pole Buildings, our priority is your complete satisfaction with your new pole barn. We are dedicated to constructing pole barns of exceptional durability using only the highest-quality materials. While we build all our pole barns to meet your specific preferences, there are a few essential options that are key to the construction of a pole barn.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

Siding for 40 X 80 Pole Barns

Our 40 x 80 pole barns feature robust steel siding, ensuring a durable and long-lasting exterior. Our standard 28-gauge steel panels make for swift and hassle-free installation. Additionally, in the event of any damage, these steel panels are easily replaceable, providing a cost-effective solution by minimizing the time required for replacement.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Foundation

Foundation and Footers for 40 x 80 Pole Barns

The foundation of your 40 x 80 pole barn is of paramount importance. Even for our smaller structures, the footer will have an approximate diameter of 18 inches and will be embedded about 2 feet deep into the ground. This guarantees a robust start to your new pole building.

At Extreme Pole Building, we present you with various foundation options for your pole barn. Our permacolumn wet set involves a more substantial concrete pour, effectively keeping the wood above ground level. For enhanced strength without wood-ground contact, consider our permacolumn concrete post. Depending on the ground conditions, our traditional treated concrete pad option is the most cost-effective choice.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

Roof Options for 40 x 80 Pole Barns

The roof style you choose for your 40 x 80 pole barn greatly affects the finished look of your building. Not only does it affect the looks but it also affects the way the building functions, especially during bad weather. We provide you with three options for finishing your roof so you can find the best fit for your building.
Gambrel Roof
This style of roof provides extra headroom within the interior of your pole barn and also adds a classic look to the exterior. 
Shed Roof
Our shed roof options are suitable only for small pole barns. It consists of a single plane, so it’s not a feasible option for a pole barn of this size. 
Gable Roof
If you’re living in a colder climate that gets a lot of snow, a gable roof is a great way to finish your pole barn. It prevents snow from accumulating and allows for easy insulation and ventilation.

Not sure exactly how to finish your 40 x 80 pole barn? We’re here to help you design a pole barn that fits all your needs and wants and lasts you for years to come. Contact us or request a quote today to get started!

Other Pole Barn Size Options

Are you thinking that a 40 x 80 pole barn isn’t quite the right size for you? Whether you want a larger pole barn or a smaller pole barn, we have options for you to choose from! Extreme Pole Buildings offers you a variety of options for pole barn sizes so you can find exactly what you need.