50×100 Pole Barns

50x100 Pole Barn

Best Uses of a 50×100 Pole Barn

The 5,000 square feet that a 50×100 pole barn boasts makes it a perfect building for multiple uses. Whether you’re looking to store large vehicles, livestock, or supplies securely, a pole barn of this size is a great choice for you! Check out some of our pole barn uses for you and start dreaming of your own. Wondering what size of pole barn is the best fit for you? Check out our blog that answers some key questions about pole barn sizes. You can also look at our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing.

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50×100 Pole Barn for Farming

50x100 Pole Barn for Farming

Adding a 50×100 pole barn to your farm is a wise choice. This size pole barn can easily function as a spacious housing area for your farm animals. You can customize the finish of your pole barn for livestock with individual stalls while still having space for storing farming supplies. 

50×100 Pole Barn for Equipment Storage

50x100 Pole Barn for Equipment

If your business involves large pieces of equipment, a 50×100 pole barn garage is a must-have. The large garage doors make accessing the interior easy for large trucks or excavating equipment. Keep your expensive equipment safe with a custom-built pole barn!

50×100 Pole Barn for Vehicle Storage

50x100 Pole Barn for Vehicle Storage

Whether you geek out over classic cars or if your family has a lot of vehicles in need of parking spaces, a 50×100 pole barn garage is what you need. The 5,000 square feet of space give you plenty of space to store multiple cars. Customize your garage with as many garage doors as you need to safely park your cars. 

50×100 Pole Barn for Warehouse Center

50x100 Pole Barn for Warehouse Center

A 50×100 commercial pole barn makes an excellent warehouse center. You’ll have plenty of space for sturdy shelving to keep items organized. A forklift will fit between the rows of shelves for efficient work. You can use this space to store your own items, or you can rent out the space as a business!

50 x 100 Pole Barn for Business Storage

50x100 Pole Barn for Storage

Running a business involves a lot of different components. Whether it’s a construction or landscaping business, there are a lot of supplies and tools that you use to do your job! A 50×100 commercial pole barn is a great addition to the home base of your business. Store your supplies and tools securely with a pole barn!

50 x 100 Pole Barn for Events


Pole barns can be customized to be charming venues for weddings, reunions, and parties. The 5,00 square feet give enough room for a large gathering. You can add custom windows and doors to add elegance to the building. Whether you’re looking to start an event venue business or you want a venue for personal use, a commercial pole barn is the perfect choice!

Our Extreme 50×100 Pole Barn Specs

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new pole building. Because we’re extreme about making our customers happy, we build our different pole barn styles with standard features that don’t change. Each building is customizable, but there are some features that we provide for all our buildings. 

Not sure exactly how you want your 50 x 100 pole barn to be finished? We’d love to help you find a pole barn that meets all your needs and wants and lasts you for years to come. Contact us or request a quote today to get started!

Other Pole Barn Size Options

Are you looking for a different size of pole building? Whether you want a smaller pole barn or a larger pole barn, you can custom design the pole barn you want!