60×120 Pole Barns

60x120 Pole Barns

Ways to Use Your 60×120 Pole Barn

Are you researching what the best option is for an addition to your property? Find what you need with a 60×120 pole barn. These buildings are perfect for a variety of uses, both residential and commercial. Extreme Pole Buildings constructs high-quality pole barns in PA, NJ, and MD that give you the space for any use you may have. We’ve built multiple custom pole buildings over the years and continue to satisfy happy customers with our quality workmanship! Check out our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing.

60×120 Pole Barn Garage

60x120 Pole Barn Garage

Your 60×120 pole barn is ideal for serving as a spacious garage to park your vehicles, providing effective protection from the elements. With its large size, you’ll have room for multiple cars and additional storage space for miscellaneous items that may not have a place in your home. Consider adding a loft to your pole barn garage for even more storage options, or convert it into a recreational space like an arcade or hobby area for your children. 

60×120 Pole Barns for Livestock

60x120 Pole Barns for Livestock

Do you own livestock and need a shelter for them, shielding them from rain and cold weather? Customize a 60×120 pole barn for livestock with stalls and other features to create a secure and comfortable haven for your animals. Enhance the functionality by incorporating a storage or tack room to ensure your supplies are well-organized and protected. With a pole barn of this size, you’ll have room for numerous animals as well as supplies and feed for them!

60×120 Commercial Pole Barn

60x120 Pole Barns for Commercial Use

Whether you’re launching a new business or aiming to expand an existing one, a 60×120 pole barn opens up opportunities for a storage rental business, a manufacturing facility, or a distribution center for products. The substantial 7,200 square feet of space offered by this commercial pole barn serves as an ideal solution to elevate and grow your business. With a sturdy pole barn, you won’t have to worry about a low-quality building!

60×120 Pole Barns for Recreation

60x120 Pole Barns for Recreation

Convert a 60×120 pole barn into an ideal venue for playing sports, regardless of the weather conditions outside. With its expansive square feet and high ceiling, the space accommodates various sports activities, including volleyball, frisbee, or even a modified soccer game. You can also create your own home gym space with all the equipment you need to stay in shape. Choose from a variety of pole barn styles to find what you need!

60×120 Pole Barns for Events

60x120 Pole Barns for Events

Pole barns serve as versatile canvases ready to be customized to your wants and needs. 60×120 pole barns can be transformed into charmed spaces for events and entertainment. By incorporating magical lighting and rustic tables and chairs, you’ll craft a captivating event space. Whether your aim is to host large parties or create a venue for weddings, a 60×120 pole barn can be tailored to different styles!

60×120 Pole Barns for Storage

60x120 Pole Barns for Storage

Make your 60×120 pole barn into an organized storage area for a range of items, whether they are large or small. Whether you’re a business owner needing additional space for supplies or an adventure-seeking homeowner with lots of outdoor equipment that needs protection, this pole barn garage offers the ample space you need. Customize it with large garage doors and sturdy shelving to enhance the efficiency and ease of storage!

Our Extreme Pole Barn Features

Whatever the use for your 60×120 pole barn, our commitment is to guarantee your complete satisfaction with the structure. To achieve this, we consistently include a variety of standard features in all our pole barns. From high-quality roofing to different foundation options, you have the flexibility to customize the appearance of your barn while having confidence in the use of premium materials during construction.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

Siding Options for Your Pole Barn

The exterior of your 60×120 pole barn is finished with premium steel siding, ensuring exceptional durability over the long term. Constructed from 28-gauge panels, our steel siding allows for swift and straightforward installation and streamlines maintenance procedures. In the event of any damage, the ease of replacement ensures a quick and efficient solution, saving you valuable time and resources.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

60×120 Pole Barn Roof Options

The roof of your pole barn plays a significant role in both its appearance and practicality. Select from the classic gable roof, the iconic gambrel barn roof, or a flat roof for smaller barns. Your decision for the roof of your 60×120 pole barn is driven by the desired finished aesthetic and the ceiling style you envision for your building.

If you want to find out more about our pole barn siding, roof options, and foundations, check out our page on that topic! Whatever style or size you choose for your pole barn, we make sure that we construct it with quality materials. We want your new building to give you a long life of use!

Other Pole Barn Sizes

Are you looking for a different dimension for your pole structure? Whether it’s a smaller or larger barn, Extreme Pole Buildings provides full customization of the size and styles of pole barns. Choose a larger layout for extensive storage or workspace. Contact us today to start the design process for your personalized pole building! If you already have the size and style in mind, request a free estimate to determine the cost of your pole barn.