28×28 Pole Barns

28x28 Pole Barns

Ways to Use Your 28×28 Pole Barn

Are you wondering what size of pole barn is the best fit for your property? Our 28×28 pole barns offer a range of styles and uses. Whether you need a commercial or residential pole building, Extreme Pole Buildings will build you top-quality, custom pole barns that fit your exact needs. With add-ons like lofts and lean-tos, you’ll have all the space you need for storage and more! You can check out our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing.

28×28 Pole Barn Shed

28x28 Pole Barn Sheds

Add a 28×28 pole barn shed to your backyard for a storage option that’s a step up from a prefab shed. You can add durable shelving and roll-up doors to make storage easy and efficient. Use your pole shed for a workshop for all your backyard projects. Outfit the space with toolboxes, workbenches, or tool organizers to give yourself a space where you can work on your latest project efficiently. 

28×28 Pole Barn Garage

28x28 Pole Barn Garages

Keep your vehicles safe with a 28×28 pole barn garage. A pole barn garage of this size fits two cars. You can also add a loft space where you can store all the extras that don’t fit in your home. Keeping your vehicles in a protected space keeps them in better condition longer. Say goodbye to the days of scraping off your car before you leave for work with a top-quality garage that fits two cars!

28×28 Pole Barn for Farming

28x28 Pole Barns for Farming

Enhance your small farmette with a 28×28 pole barn for housing livestock or farming supplies. This addition provides a secure and sheltered space, ensuring your animals have refuge from bad weather. Beyond housing animals, it serves as a storage hub for feed, tack, and other farming supplies. Add a touch of charm to your farmette by finishing the building with a gambrel roof.

28×28 Commercial Pole Barn

28x28 Pole Barns for Commercial Use

Whether you’re in retail or need office space for your construction business, this size of commercial pole barn is a perfect fit for you. Personalize your pole barn by partitioning it into separate rooms for offices or breakrooms. Add a loft area to create a designated storage space. Opting for a 28×28 pole barn can serve as the ideal starting point for launching your new business endeavor!

28×28 Pole Barn Cabin

28x28 Pole Barn Cabins

Create a rustic retreat in the woods with a 28×28 pole barn cabin. You can transform the entire building into a cabin or leave the main floor as a parking space for your car or outdoor gear while using the loft area as a living space. Fully finish out your cabin to give you a comfortable space for relaxing and taking time away from normal life. These cabins are perfect for hunting or disconnecting from the rest of the world!

28×28 Pole Barn for Hobbies

28x28 Pole Bars for Hobbies

Are you looking for a space to take your hobby to the next level? A 28×28 pole barn garage is just what you need! Whether you need a space for crafting, an art studio, or a recording studio, this size pole barn will give you what you need. Customize the building with all you need to fully enjoy your hobby and do it more easily. Add extra windows to the building to let in plenty of natural light to inspire you and your latest project!

Our Standard Pole Barn Features

Extreme Pole Buildings is committed to ensuring your utmost satisfaction with your newly constructed pole building. Our dedication to customer satisfaction motivates us to create a range of pole barn styles with quality standard features. While we customize your building to align with your preferences, certain features are standard across all our pole buildings.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

Quality Pole Barn Siding

Each of our structures comes finished with high-quality steel siding designed to withstand the test of time. Crafted from robust 28-gauge panels, our siding ensures both durability and straightforward installation and replacement. The swift and hassle-free process of installing pole barn siding is just one example of how these buildings streamline your time and finances.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

Pole Barn Roof Options

When it comes to customizing the appearance of your 28×28 pole building, the roof provides the prime opportunity for personalization. Select either a gambrel, a gable, or a flat shed roof for this structure. A gambrel roof gives a distinctive cathedral-style ceiling, ideal for event spaces or incorporating a loft space, while a gable roof gives a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic to the building. A flat shed roof gives a sleek look and should only be used for smaller pole barns. 

If you want to find out more about our pole barn siding, foundations, and roof options, check out our page on that topic! Whatever type of pole barn you choose, we make sure that we build it with top-quality materials. We want your new building to give you a long life of use!

More Pole Barn Sizes

If the dimensions of 28×28 don’t perfectly suit your needs or available space, explore our range of other size options to discover the ideal pole barn for you! We specialize in quality pole barn framing and tailoring our pole barns to align with your specific space requirements. Contact us to discuss your barn’s design or request a free quote to estimate the building’s cost!

Are you looking for pole barns in State College, PA, or pole barns in Columbia, PA? Check out our Areas We Serve Pages and see all the places we can build you a pole barn.