30×36 Pole Barns

30x36 Pole Barns in PA NJ and MD

Uses for a 30×36 Pole Barn

If you need a versatile addition to your property, whether residential or commercial, a 30×36 pole barn is just what you need. These pole buildings can be fully customized to fit a variety of uses and building styles. Whether you need a simple and basic pole barn for storage or a deluxe and charming building for a backyard she-shed, Extreme Pole Buildings offers custom pole buildings in PA, NJ, and MD that will fit your needs! You can check out our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing. Interested in how pole barns are built and constructed? Check out our blog on pole barn framing for some more information!

30×36 Pole Barn Shed

30x36 Pole Barn Shed

A quality shed is essential for a backyard. Add a 30×36 pole barn shed to your property to give yourself an organized space for storing outdoor items and tools. Customize your shed with shelving, hooks, and large doors for handy storage. Whether you need a space for storing lawn care equipment, seasonal decor, or supplies for your hobby, this size of pole barn is what you need! 

30×36 Pole Barn Cabin

30x36 Pole Barn Cabin

Are you looking for a cozy cabin in the woods, but you want something different than a regularly framed building? Try out our pole barn framing buildings! Choose a 30×36 pole barn to transform into a deluxe and comfortable rustic cabin. Our different pole barn styles will give your cabin a rustic and woodsy feel while providing a spacious interior. Add a loft area to your 30×36 pole barn to give a cozy sleeping space or a handy storage area. 

30×36 Pole Barn Workshop

30x36 Pole Barn Workshop

If you always have a project that you’re working on, you need a 30×36 pole barn garage to make your work easier and more enjoyable. Having a dedicated space for your tools to be stored and your projects to be worked on allows you to work more efficiently and get more done. Customize your space with bright lights, sturdy shelving, and durable workbenches to create the workshop of your dreams!

30×36 Pole Barn She-Shed

30x36 Pole Barn She-Shed

Get a 30×36 pole barn shed built in your backyard and transform it into a she-shed that all your friends will talk about. Your she-shed can be a centerpiece for your garden, a place for your quilting hobby, or a charming spot for afternoon tea with your friends. At Extreme Pole Buildings, you can choose the colors, finishes, and add-on options that you want to make your 30×36 pole barn your own!

30×36 Pole Barn Garage

30x36 Pole Barn Garage

A 30×36 pole barn garage will fit your car easily, with extra space for storage. You can use your pole barn garage for storing your lawnmower, tools, or outdoor equipment rather than just using it for vehicle storage. A garage door makes accessing your backyard shed easy and efficient. Choose the color you need to match the rest of the buildings on your property with our custom colors!

30×36 Pole Barn Office

30x36 Pole Barn Office

Ready to create your own office space on your property? Whether you want to work remotely from home or you need an office space for your business, a 30×36 commercial pole barn will give you the space you need to stay focused on your work. Add a loft to your barn for extra storage space or a break room for your office. Trust Extreme Pole Buildings to create a top-quality home office for your work!

Extreme Pole Barn Standard Features

Whether you choose a 30×36 pole barn or a spacious 80×100 pole barn, complete customization awaits for the style and finishing touches of your structure. Our range includes unique colors and tailored options to match your preferences. However, every style and size of pole barn includes crucial elements such as siding, foundation, and roof. These components significantly contribute to both the durability and visual appeal of your new building. Explore the array of offerings we have for each of these essential features!

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

Siding for 30×36 Pole Barns

Our buildings feature high-grade steel siding built to endure over time. Crafted from robust 28-gauge panels, our siding guarantees longevity and hassle-free installation or replacement. The swift and effortless installation of pole barn siding stands as just one of the many ways these structures maximize your time and budget.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Foundation

Foundation Options for 30×36 Pole Barns

When building your 30×36 pole building, the foundation stands as an important part, providing the needed stability and reliability for the entire structure. We offer various foundation choices, including the permacolumn wet set foundation, permacolumn concrete post foundation, or a conventional treated foundation paired with a concrete pad. Each option offers unique advantages tailored to your specific preferences and needs. Even though this is a small size of pole barn, the foundation is one of the most important parts of the structure.

If you’re unsure what size or style of pole barn is the best for you, contact us! We’d love to help you find the size and design that’s right for your needs! If you already know the size of pole barn that you want, request a free quote to find out the cost of your new pole barn.

Other Pole Barn Sizes

If a 30×36 pole barn isn’t the right size for you, don’t worry! We offer a range of size options so you can find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you need a larger 80×100 pole barn for storing large equipment or you want a 30×40 pole barn garage for a few vehicles, you’ll find what you need at Extreme Pole Buildings. Request a free quote for your pole building if you know what size you want already. Contact us if you’re unsure what size you need, and we’d love to help you find the right fit for you!