80×100 Pole Barns

80x100 Pole Barn in PA

Best Uses of 80×100 Pole Barns

Are you wondering what an 80×100 pole barn can be used for on your property? Before you invest in a new pole barn, take some time to check out the different sizes of pole barns to find the best fit for you. Our 80×100 pole barns offer 8,000 square feet that can be customized and built to your preferences. Whether you want a pole barn for your horses or a pole barn for playing sports during any weather, Extreme Pole Buildings has a custom pole barn for you. Check out our blog on Pole Barn Prices for more information on pricing.

Are you interested in how pole barns are built? Check out our blog on pole barn framing for more information!

80×100 Pole Barns for Business Storage

80x100 Pole Barn for Storage

No matter what type of business you run, it seems like there is always a need for extra storage space. If you have a lawn care business, there are valuable lawn-mowings and yard tools to keep you safe and protected from weather. With construction work comes a lot of materials, hardware, and tools that are cheaper in bulk. Find the storage you need with an 80×100 commercial pole barn!

80×100 Pole Barns for Basketball Courts

80x100 Pole Barn for Basketball Court

When you think of pole barns, you probably think of them as homes for animals or places to store farming equipment, but 80×100 pole barns can be used for so much more! A great use is a basketball court. Standard basketball courts are 91.86’.x49.21’, which means that a full-sized court will fit in this size of commercial pole barn with no problem. You’ll even have space where fans can sit and cheer!

80×100 Pole Barns for Aircraft Hangars

80x100 Pole Barn for Aircraft Hangar

If aviation is your hobby, you need an 80×100 pole barn garage to protect your planes when you’re not flying. If you have multiple small planes, you’ll be able to park multiple planes easily. A plane as large as a Bombardier CRJ200 can fit in a hangar of this size. Your own airplane hangar pole barn can be outfitted with large garage doors that will make parking your airplanes easy and quick.

80×100 Pole Barns for Gymnasiums

80x100 Pole Barn for Gymnasium

Whether you’re a coach of a competitive gymnastics team or you’re the parent of a future Olympian, a large gymnasium space will be what it takes to take talent to the next level. A spacious 80×100 commercial pole barn will give plenty of space for vaults, high bars, and a space for floor routines. With this dedicated space, your team will be able to prepare to dominate their next competition!

80×100 Pole Barns for Riding Arenas

80x100 Pole Barn for Arena

Are you looking for a space where you can ride your horses, no matter the weather? Customize your 80×100 pole barn for livestock to be an arena for the cowboys and cowgirls in your life. This space will give both horse and rider a feel for what indoor competitions will be like and get them in better shape for the big day! Outfit the area with jumps, barrels, or poles to get your pair trained to take home gold!

80×100 Pole Barns for Livestock

80x100 Pole Barn for Livestock

If winter is approaching, you should start thinking about a secure and protected place to keep your livestock. An 80×100 pole barn gives you plenty of space for multiple kinds of animals. You can finish out your pole building with stalls, a supply room, and whatever else you want! These sturdy buildings will keep your animals warm and protected from snow, rain, and wind this winter!

Our Extreme Pole Barn Specs

We are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with your new pole building. Our dedication to your happiness drives us to construct our different pole barn styles with consistent standard features. While each building is customizable, there are certain features that we include in all our constructions.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

Siding for Your 80×100 Pole Barn

For a durable, long-lasting structure, we outfit our 80×100 pole barns with standard 28-gauge steel siding. This choice not only expedites installation but also guarantees longevity. Additionally, should the need arise for replacement, these steel panels are easily swappable.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Foundation

Foundation for Your 80×100 Pole Building

When it comes to the foundation of your 80×100 pole building, you have three options to choose from: permacolumn wet set, permacolumn concrete post, and traditional treated on concrete pad. Visit our page on pole barn siding, foundations, and more to learn more about these choices!

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

Roofing for Your Pole Barn

Customizing the roof of your pole building offers a unique opportunity to choose a unique finish. Select from a flat, gable, or gambrel roof design, allowing you to achieve the aesthetic you envision for your structure. Discover more about our pole building specifications below!

Not sure exactly how you want your 60 x 80 pole barn to be finished? We’d love to help you design a pole barn that meets all your needs and wants and lasts you for years to come. Contact us or request a quote today to get started!

Other Pole Barn Size Options

Looking for a different size of pole barn? Whether you’re looking for a larger or a smaller size, Extreme Pole Buildings lets you choose the custom size you want! If you are wondering what size is the right one for you, check out our blog on the most common pole barn sizes! You can also contact us or request a free quote to get started on your pole barn!