16×20 Pole Barns

16x20 Pole Barns

Best Uses for 16×20 Pole Barns

Pole barns are a great choice for someone looking for a new addition to their backyard that’s better quality than prefab buildings. Pole barns are known for their durable and quick construction. While pole buildings come in a wide range of sizes, a 16×20 pole barn is a perfect size for those looking for a small and simple barn. You can check out our blog on pole barn prices for an idea of the cost of your pole barn. Both the style and size of pole barns can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you need a new residential or commercial pole barn, Extreme Pole Buildings has what you need for a new pole building in PA, NJ, or MD!

16×20 Pole Barn Garages

16x20 Pole Barn Garages

A 16×20 pole barn makes an excellent garage for keeping your vehicles protected in any weather. A pole barn garage of this size easily fits up to two cars. If you choose to park only one car in your garage, you’ll have plenty of space for additional storage. You can also add a loft space above the main garage area to give yourself extra storage, a space for a rec room, or an additional guest lodging space!

16×20 Pole Barns for Livestock

16x20 Pole Barns for Livestock

Pole barns make amazing additions to a farm. Adding a 16×20 pole barn for livestock will give your livestock a place to get out of rain or cold. Customize your livestock pole barn with individual stalls to give your animals their own space. You can also use your pole barn for storing your tools, feed, and other farming equipment. Having this additional space will help your farming operation to work more efficiently and in a more organized way! 

16×20 Pole Barns for Workshop

16x20 Pole Barn Workshop

Do you need a space on your property where you can work on your latest project? We can build you a 16×20 pole barn shed that will give you a workshop space where you can keep your tools and supplies organized and secure. Outfit your workspace with sturdy workbenches, shelving, and bright lighting to make working a joy. Keep your property organized and enjoy the space dedicated to your projects with a new pole building!

16×20 Pole Barns for Backyard Storage

16x20 Pole Barns for Backyard Storage

There never seems to be enough storage space in a house, no matter how organized you try to be! A 16×20 pole shed offers you a space where you can store those items that you don’t want to get rid of. Add shelving, hooks, and bins to your storage building, and keep those items out of sight and out of mind until the next time you need them. Securely store outdoor equipment, seasonal decor, gardening tools, and more in your new building!

16×20 Pole Barns for Recreation

16x20 Pole Barn for Recreation

Add a 16×20 pole barn to your backyard and transform it into a space where you and your kids can hang out with friends and family. With comfy seating, a well-stocked snack bar, and stacks of board games, you’ll make memories that will last you a lifetime. You can also use the space for a movie theatre where you have your own private screenings of new movies. This space will give your kids a place to hang out with friends and leave your home in peace!

16×20 Pole Barns for Hobby Shed

16x20 Pole Barns for Hobby Shed

Whether your hobby involves paint, wood, or music, a 16×20 pole barn garage will make the perfect studio to inspire your next masterpiece. Fully customize the interior of your studio with whatever you need to make your hobby easier and more enjoyable. Adding your own decorations will help the space feel like your own and help inspire you when you are creating. With your own hobby space, you can invite over fellow artists and work together to create something new!

Extreme Pole Barn Standard Features

No matter if you choose a 16×20 pole barn or a large 80×100 pole barn, you can fully customize the style and finish of your building. While we offer custom options and unique colors to fit your preferences, there are some key features that go into each style and size of pole barn. The siding, foundation, and roof of your pole building are all important to the durability and aesthetics of your new building. Check out what we offer for each of these features!

60 x 100 Pole Barn Siding Options

Siding for 16×20 Pole Barns

Every building we build features premium steel siding built to endure over time. Crafted from resilient 28-gauge panels, our siding guarantees durability alongside easy installation and replacement. Installing pole barn siding exemplifies one of the many ways our structures save you time and money with a fast, hassle-free process.

60 x 100 Pole Barn Roof Options

Roof Options for 16×20 Pole Barns

When looking to personalize the look of your 16×20 pole building, the roof offers prime customization options. You can choose between a gambrel, flat, or gable roof for this structure. Opting for a gambrel roof crafts a unique cathedral-style ceiling, perfect for event spaces or adding a loft area. Meanwhile, a gable roof offers a timeless and sophisticated appearance. The flat roof, reserved for our smaller roofs, provides a clean and modern finish to your pole barn shed.

If you’re wondering what size of pole barn is right for you, contact us! We’re here to help you find just the building you need to meet your needs. If you already know the size of the pole barn that you need, request a free quote to find the approximate cost of your building.

Other Size Options

Is this pole barn size not right for you? Maybe you need a larger pole barn to house more items. We have what you need! Check out our different size options for our pole barns to find what you need. If you don’t see the size you need, contact us! We’d love to hear what size you need and help you find the design that will work for your needs. We are committed to providing our customers with a top-notch experience during the entire pole barn framing and building process. Request a free quote today to get started on your new pole building!

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