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Joel Steele

Pole Barn Shop

pole barn hobby shop

Having a specific place to get things done makes the work so much easier. When every tool, piece of equipment, and small item has its unique home…you know precisely how to get the job done. A pole barn shop can…

What Is A Pole Barn Anyway?

what are pole barn styles

If you have found yourself asking the question, “what is a pole barn” you are not alone. There are thousands with this same question. Pole barns seem to be popping up all over the place in the US, gaining more…

Are Barndominiums Here To Stay?

farmhouse barndominium

What has walls, a floor, a roof, is less expensive than a traditional house, and is all the rage right now? (hint: it’s the title of this article). Barndominiums! We cannot wait to show you the structure that has been…

Pole Barn Ideas: Styles + Interior

pole barn ideas pole barn game room

Space. It’s been called the final frontier. It’s vast and unending. It contains billions of stars and planets. A little closer to home, space is something we run out of pretty consistently. I think that’s called irony. In this article,…